Nintendo Justifies Metroid Prime: Federation Force’s Art Style

Ever since E3 2015, Metroid fans have been questioning Nintendo over its  ‘Chibi’ art style in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. The Metroid series have long been known to carry a more serious and realistic tone so it’s only natural to wonder why the sudden change in aesthetics?

Skip to 11:20

According to Kensuke Tanabe the choice was made to give players a better portable experience. The models where shaped rounded to make it easier to shoot and target.

Personally I’m not really sure if that’s a plausible reason. I mean didn’t we have Metroid Prime Hunters on the DS with regular looking shapes? Then again Hunters didn’t really have a CO-OP mode. Overall I’m left with an empty feeling. I’ll probably play Federation Force if only support the Metroid (even though that doesn’t make me feel good at all).


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