NX To Be Handheld Console. Runs on Nvidia Mobile GPU.

The NX rumors keep getting interesting.

According to several sources from Eurogamer, the NX will be a really powerful handheld system. It will carry Nvidia’s Tegra mobile chip and will have two detachable controllers. These along with a base connector will transform the NX into a home console. This is a similar concept used by Nvidia’s Shield, more specifically the portable version that has a HDMI connector and Bluetooth support for controllers.

Furthermore the sources mentioned that Nintendo will drop optical media in favor of cartridges (or flash Cards depending on how yous see them). This has been long rumored for a while and seems to be the one that holds water.

The NX is expected to be revealed some time this year (speculated sometime in September).


One thought on “NX To Be Handheld Console. Runs on Nvidia Mobile GPU.

  1. Eep, I don’t know how to feel about this. On one hand, Nintendo’s strength has always been their handheld division, on the other, I’m afraid this move is going to be another one that alienates a large chunk of gamers. Hopefully we really do get that NX Direct in September (or sooner I wish). Good article.


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