Final Fantasy XV Fan Creates One Crazy Hack and Slash Game

To say that people are hyped for Final Fantasy XV would be an understatement. The game has been roughly in development for 10 years giving fans time to create all sorts of stuff ranging from fanart, cosplays, and more. One fan went the distance and created a whole game. By himself.

What you’re looking at is Lost Soul Aside, an indie South Korean game developed by ‘Bing Yang’. Thanks to the power of Unreal Engine 4 the visuals look stunning and quite honestly fits the bill of a high quality game. Sure there are a few areas that are rough around the edges (particularly the voice acting) but I’ve played a lot of big budget games that faired worse.

So how is this related to Final Fantasy XV? Well, not much honestly besides the main character looking a bit like Noctis and some similarities in design. I mean this really could just pass as a stand alone game and would love to see it go the distance.

So far there hasn’t been a confirmed release date but the support has been great. Yang will consider crowd funding options once he’s sure he can make the game which is something I respect.

Somebody hire this guy please!


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