Pokevision and Other Finding Services Shut Down in Wake of Update

Pokemon GO’s latest update seems to have put a stop to all those fancy Pokemon finding services.

Pokevision, probably the most popular one, announced that it will no longer be able to help us find Pokemons. Developers Niantic recently stated that they didn’t like those services and would seek ways to end their operation. Well I suppose that escalated quickly!

Fans voiced their displease as Niantic are yet to fix the three step bug found in Pokemon GO. The three step bug essentially prevents players from knowing how close a nearby Pokemon is. Rather than fixing it the latest update removes steps all together making it seem like a cover up than patch. I personally won’t lie, I did use Pokevision a lot but that’s mainly because of how broken the nearby feature is. Even before the three step bug, no one really had a firm understanding of how the it worked only certain guesses.

I hope Niantic resolves these issues soon as fans including myself are starting to grow restlesses. Adding fuel to the fire are the Ingress community who criticized Niantic for ignoring feedback and being exceptionally slow with updates.


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