Pokemon GO Players Rage Over Recent Update. Give Terrible Reviews.

UPDATE: the new version 1.1.1 still hasn’t applied the nearby fix.

Pokemon GO players are pissed.

The recently released new 0.31. update has failed to fix a lot of the game’s issues and, worse, removed tracking Pokemon which was a fundamental feature. Adding fuel to the fire is the removal of Pokemon finding services such as Pokevision which was used by many as an alternative over the three step bug.

Naturally this has lead to a lot of players getting upset. The game currently sits with a 2 star rating review in the app store.


And a 1.5 star rating in Japan.


There’s even an unofficial Niantic Twitter account that more or less reflects how everyone’s feeling.

Pokemon GO’s lead developer John Hanke’s Twitter account was also hacked in light of the situation.


It feels like the overall hype for this game reached a peak with its tolerance of bugs and has now started to snowball into an avalanche that is slowly approaching its oblivion. If Niantic hopes to recover it better work at communicating and patching these issues before it’s too late.


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