Final Fantasy XV’s World Map ‘Incomparable’ to Other Games

Final Fantasy XV’s Director has finally shed light on the world map size. Ever since the announcement, many of us have wondered how big will the world of Eos be. Well, according to the recent interview by Hardcore Gamer we can expect something pretty huge.

XIV is going to be one of the biggest Final Fantasy experiences. Can you compare it to any other game size-wise?

It’s not going to be a direct answer, unfortunately, because it’s hard to compare, that said, we are developing and creating a game in which you travel or journey by car, so a certain degree of — we did need to create it in a larger scale or a big scale. A certain level of scale was needed in order to create a game that surrounded travel by car. So even compared to other games, we can definitely say that it’s something that’s incomparable, something new, something that you’ve never experienced before in relation to some of the other games that are already out on the market.

Keep in mind no official world map has been shown off. However some speculate below might be a rough representation when compared to other games.


Source: DualShockers

Again, the image is NOT an official comparison done by Square, but judging from the statement by Tabata-san we can expect quite a huge world to explore. Who needs a overworld map anymore?!


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