Introducing The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo have revealed the Nintendo NX and it’s called Switch or The Nintendo Switch. Nice!

CvN5vbqVYAIEsPK (1).jpg

Here’s the trailer

As we’ve heard from rumors and leaks, the device is indeed be a hybrid console/handheld. Play your games on the big screen with a controller or play on the go. The side controllers can detach to form two players.


The games confirmed so far are:

  • Zelda Breath of The Wild
  • Splatoon (Yes!)
  • Mario Kart 8
  • Skyrim Remastered
  • NBA 17
  • New Unnannounced Mario Game

A list has also appeared showing which studios are expected be on board.


The Switch will also use cartridges as described in the leak as well. This make sense considering that it acts as a portable system as well.

The Nintendo Switch will arrive on March 2017. Zelda Breath of the Wild is expected to be a launch title. Details on pricing have yet to be revealed.


3 thoughts on “Introducing The Nintendo Switch

  1. I am excited about that 3D Mario game! It reminds me of Super Mario Sunshine, even though we’ve seen so little. I want a return to that classic hub world style of 64 and Sunshine! I’m overall hyped for the Nintendo Switch!

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