Get a Load of This Yakuza 0 Business Edition

Despite it’s somewhat lackluster popularity outside Japan, SEGA is keen on pushing Yakuza down our throats and we’re not complaining.


Yakuza 0, the prequel to the series, is getting the special edition treatment. It will include your typical steel case plus a business card holder filled with replicas from the game including a hostess club card. I’m assuming this is what Yakuza’s carry all the time so you can bet your ass I’ll keep this with me for business purposes of course.

This chapter to the series will focus on the rise of our main hero, Kazuma Kiryu, and how he became a well known Yakuza member. This is also the moment when we get introduced to fan favorite Majima. One thing I do also have to point out is that Yakuza 0 takes place in the 80’s and seeing as how this game is a somewhat distant cousin to Shenmue (which also took place in the 80’s) I honestly can’t wait to draw parallels.


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