Agents of Mayhem – Review

The open world genre has seen plenty of various takes from the realism of GTA V to the Silliness of Saints Row. But what makes an open world game great? Is it the depth? The missions? Or perhaps the overall design? Sadly Agents of Mayhem fails to delivery on any of them.


Taking place in a hyper futuristic city of Seoul, the Agents of M.A.Y.H.E.M are tasked with stopping evil forces from doing evil things. It’s your typical weekend morning cartoon flair which serves as the overall theme of the game. There’s even multiple animated sequences to further emphasis you’re watching a G.I. Joe style cartoon show which is a neat setting. The animations themselves look great and honestly wouldn’t mind seeing this turn into a full on TV series. The characters are quite diverse with their abilities and ethnic backgrounds which again backs up the whole G.I. Joe vibe. The story is pretty predictable but it does at least feature some pretty good writing.

Switching up between various Agents is probably the game’s highlight. Each character has their own ability and can be used for various moments. For instance using Hardtrack’s shotgun and tank abilities is perfect when dealing with heavy hitters while Fortune’s high jumping is great for taking out small enemies and platforming.


Ironically, while Agents of Mayhem tries to be as unique as possible, it fails as an open world game and ends feeling quite generic. I’ve mentioned this countless times before, but open world settings should serve more than just scale. There’s no depth and overall makes the open world experience feel hollow. Making matters worse are the generic missions that just continue to feel repetitive throughout with your typical go to A to destroy B. No substance or impact is felt.

Agents of Mayhem could have been an incredible experience but in the end it falters thanks to bland game design. It doesn’t seem to want to take major risks and give us something fresh and instead relies on building the same kind of worlds we’ve played a hundred times over just with new window dressing.



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