Battlefront 2 Trailer Leaks. Promises Everything We Wanted.

Corss-era battles. Space battles. A new campaign mode. All these and more will be coming to the new Battlefront game by EA and Dice.

bf2 from TheSpicinberg on Vimeo.

Keep in mind the trailer hasn’t officially been revealed yet. Expect more details to come this week during Star Wars celebration.


Battlefront 2 Will Include Content From Current Star Wars Timeline

Battlefront 2 is happening.

EA has announced that it will be released some time next year and will include content from the current Star Wars timeline. That means we can expect Kylo, Ray, Finn, and possibly Old Luke, Han, and Leia.

Some have speculated that this will be an expansion. Personally I’m hoping it’s a new game with improvements. A campaign mode would be a great start!