Battlefront 2 Starfighter Assault Trailer Hints at Ashoka and Anakin

Battlefront 2 will be updating its Fighter Squadron to Starfigther Assault and it looks to set the bar high. Not only do we get space combat but plenty of iconic characters including Darth Maul, Yoda, and Poe. True to their word, DICE included multiple locations from the prequels to the current timeline.

Those who paid attention may have noticed two distinct voices: Ashoka and Anakin. Ashoka was one of the lead characters from the beloved Clone Wars TV series which, in my humble opinion, made the prequels exceptionally good.

Battlefront 2 will launch on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on November 17th. An open BETA is expected to take place soon.


Battlefront 2 Will Include Content From Current Star Wars Timeline

Battlefront 2 is happening.

EA has announced that it will be released some time next year and will include content from the current Star Wars timeline. That means we can expect Kylo, Ray, Finn, and possibly Old Luke, Han, and Leia.

Some have speculated that this will be an expansion. Personally I’m hoping it’s a new game with improvements. A campaign mode would be a great start!