Seems Like Crash N. Sane Trilogy is Coming to PC

The highly anticipated Crash remake trilogy might be dropping on PC. According to etdragonpunch who attended PAX , he was able to confirm from a booth rep that the game will run at “4K on PS4 Pro and PC”.

There is also suggestions that the PC version will run at 60 FPS which is an extra plus as the original ran at 30. But again, this hasn’t been officially revealed and easy to be misinformed by booth reps. For now let’s just take it with a grain of salt.


Skylanders Imaginators is an Insult to 3D Platformers (Review)

What got me interested in Imaginators was that, for the first time in 6 years, there was a Crash Bandicoot game buried inside it. At least that’s what I thought at first before realizing that the entire game included tedious grinding elements popularized by games like Destiny. Yes, for some god awful reason the loot drop system follows the same rare and common trend that we’ve seen come up in plenty of today’s games. Now I wouldn’t really mind this had the game actually been fun.

Skylanders Imaginators_Ambush 2.jpg

For starters the level design is absolutely terrible and doesn’t offer anything remotely exciting or memorable. They literally serve as a means of adding drops for players to continually grind their characters and unlock more drops. Boss fights even fair less so with their spamming and repetitive actions that just feel like they’re taking forever to die. There’s no strategy to them other than dodge, and keep spamming attacks. Even controlling Crash isn’t fun, his movements feel rigid and slow, and there’s just no momentum to his jumps or attack moves. A far cry from his PS One days. His inclusion almost feels like an afterthought then a fully fleshed out and realized character.


Crash feels unresponsive and uninteresting like the majority of this game

The cherry on the pie has to be the amount of micro transaction pop ups the game gets. It basically begs you at times to make you skip the grind and get to the good parts. Except there aren’t any.

Of course there is the charm of owning and collecting those Skylanders figures. Imaginators also includes the ability to create and customize your own Monster. But again, when actually using them it just falls apart. The challenge or wonder of exploring different worlds just isn’t there and overall it’s just a massive let down even if you are into expanding your library of figures.

I remember enjoying my time with Superchargers levels and power ups, or Skwap Force’s unique use of blending two figures. Imaginators on the other hand, ironically, lacks imagination. It can at best be considered as Skylanders filler which sadly happens to be the start of Crash’s return.



Coco’s Porn Stash (Crash Bandicoot Warped) – Rash Plays


Crash Sounds Pretty Weird in Skylanders TV Show

Netflix has released Skylanders Academy: a TV show based off the popular Toy/Game franchise. To our surprise Crash makes a cameo in the episode with an odd accent. Give it a listen.

Weird considering we’ve always been used to him being a mute character with the occasional “WOAH!” grunts. Then again Bandicoots do originate from Australia so I get where the accent is coming from. Still, as someone who’s played Crash all these years it just seems out of place hearing him talk like that.



Crash Bandicoot Remake – Will Activision Live Up to Naughty Dog’s Legacy?

With the recent announcement of the Crash Bandicoot remark many of us are a bit skeptical if Activision can live up to the hype. While little is still known it was confirmed these remakes will be done from the ground up. This open the possibilities of changes which could lead to good or bad results.


Crash Bandicoot Remake Confirmed for PS4

Sony has just announced at it’s E3 2016 press conference that a Crash Bandicoot trilogy remake is coming.

While there is no trailer, Sony did mention that all three original Crash games will be remade specifically for PS4 in cooperation with Activision. Furthermore they confirmed that Skylanders Imaginators will in fact have a Crash pack. It will be sold exclusively for PS4 as well.

One thing I do have to note is that the Crash model looks really…different. Face is too big and doesn’t represent the core features that made the original so memorable. But hey, I’ll take what I get I guess.


Crash Bandicoot Returning as Skylanders Pack? Activision Can Seriously Die Now.

Activision have truly forsaken us.

In a recent rumor regarding the next Skylanders, it was revealed that  “a Playstation 4 exclusive “Crash” Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack” will be revealed.


While the retailer in question could be making stuff up, this honestly wouldn’t surprise me. I mean what was I expecting? A remaster? A remake? A digital only release? What was I thinking?!

If you’re curious on the recent state of Crash I recommend checking out the video below. It may gave you insight on why Activision are reluctant to give a damn.