Destiny 2 on PC: There’s No Going Back

Destiny 1 is the most played game I have on PS4. Endless hours spent collecting loot, dominating Raid runs, and long loading screens. As a veteran PC gamer it was annoying knowing that I couldn’t experience it to its full potential. “It was fun” I thought to myself. Then I played Destiny 2 on PC.

Destiny 2 PS4 BETA didn’t blow me away. It felt more like an expansion on the first one with some much needed improvements. Yes, it does have a new plot but the mechanics are all the same with just a few tweaks. I was hungry for something new. Destiny has a lot of potential and just feel like 1 barely scratched the surface. Thankfully my time spent with the PC version this week has elevated my look towards the sequel.

It’s not just the framerate, it’s gameplay that’s different.

Say what you will about FPS and how it doesn’t matter. For a game like Destiny 2 the difference is night and day. I’m not even talking about picture clarity, or the fact the annoying grainy edges are gone, but how responsive it feels. My aiming became easier and more precise as I was able to land headshots without trouble rather than wrestle with an aim assist mechanic. Jumping and overall movement is quick and smooth, and as someone who mains a Hunter the mobility plays a big role and it shows here.


More importantly I didn’t notice any weird lag that’s been plaguing the PS4 version. Oddly enough for a service that I’m paying for I hardly see the value in PlayStation Plus. Crucible matches tend to be filled with lag. A widespread example of the terrible netcode is when an enemy’s death animations gets delayed causing me to waste ammo and precious time shooting nothing. To my dismay this was also found in the Destiny 2 PS4 edition. The PC version however completely eliminates that and works as intended.

Speaking of fast, everything in terms of managing items feels smoother. Destiny’s UI is built to be used with a mouse but rather than waste time moving a cursor around with an analog stick, navigating menus is no longer a chore, further helped thanks to hotkeys that take me where I want instantly. Loading has also been practically eliminated. Prior I would wait almost 30 seconds if not more just to go from A to B but thanks to modern PC hard drivers including SSD’s this has been reduced to 5 seconds.


I can go on and on at how much the PC version pretty much decimates the console equivalent including the option of adding an FOV slider (which finally eliminates having the gun take 25% of the screen.) Instead I would just say that if you do have a fire team on consoles, ditch them. Yes, I know that’s harsh but you can always make new friends and who knows they might join you eventually. There’s honestly no reason to play this console, not even for friendship.


Destiny 2 Official Competitive Multiplayer Trailer Released

It’s never a Destiny trailer without cheesy music, huh? Alright, in all seriousness Destiny 2’s competitive Crucible seems to shaping up into a more refined version we all know and love (and hate) from D1. I just wish we could get dedicated servers, man.

Destiny 2 launches on PS4 and Xbox One less than one month on September 6th. PC players will get their first taste of the crucible on October 24th


Destiny 2 Limited Edition Info Leaked. Expansion 1 and 2 in The Pipeline?

Another Destiny 2 leak has surfaced from redditor Knoss. According to him he has gained a bunch of details from a Spanish retailer regarding Destiny 2’s planned collector’s edition and limited edition.

Collector’s edition includes
Destiny 2 game
Expansions I and II including quests, coop activities, multiplayer content and tons of armor and gear (idk the pricing but seems it’s basically the same as Destiny 1)
Legendary sword DLC
Legendary emote DLC
Cabal empire emblem DLC
“Frontier” physical bag you can carry around with a 15″ tablet pocket
“Frontier” kit including USBcharger with solar panel
A paracord
A solar rug

Limited edition steelbook
Collector’s edition cabal themed premium box, including a notebook, a map, and collectibles such as postcards and “pawns from the Empire” (idk what this actually means)
Limited edition includes
Destiny 2 base game
Expansions I and II
The previously explained DLC
The steelbook
The premium box and all the stuff inside

We also get a good look at the PC version cover which matches the recent poster leaks.


One to note is that, like all leaks, take them with a grain of salt. Bungie is planning to reveal more news soon so it’s to just wait and see before we accept this all as fact. I for one hope the expansions aren’t going to brought back. Destiny 1 was known for its lack of content and story pieces that forced players to pay 20 dollars per expansion. Hopefully that’s not the case here.


Destiny 2 is Official

And yea, that’s it. No trailer or info.

However based on the image we can see the Tower on Fire. This coincides with recent rumors that suggest Destiny 2 will be based heavily on the Cabal invading The Last City.

Destiny 2 is rumored to arrive later this September for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


Destiny 2 Info Leaked. Will Be Called Forge of Hope [Update]

UPDATE: It’s fake.


A new Reddit leak has popped up revealing a batch of new info on the upcoming Destiny sequel. Here are some interesting highlights:

  • It will be called Destiny 2: Forge of Hope
  • The story will focus on the Cabal race. They attack the city and players will need to take it back.
  • The game will be built on a new engine that is built to handle frequent updates and faster load times. Sadly this means that players will not be able to transfer their old characters. On the plus side the sequel will offer more robust character customization options.
  • Expected release date to be sometime between November 4th to 18th.
  • Will be out for PS4 (Pro), Xbox One (Scorpio), and PC (finally!).

Expect to see more details emerge closer to E3. For now you can indulge and possibly spoil yourself to some more info regarding the game’s plot.


Rise of Iron is Pure Destiny Filler – Review

Have you ever watched a show and felt that the new subplot added was for no reason other than to kill time? That’s pretty much the definition of filler and what Rise of Iron is to Destiny.

Before I begin it’s important to note that Rise of Iron wasn’t even supposed to exist. This year we were going to get Destiny 2 which would promise to introduce a plethora of changes that basically revamps the game. Due to internal struggles at Bungie Destiny 2 was delayed and fans were instead given Rise of Iron as a means of holding us out. Rise of Iron includes a new patrol area, Raid, Social Hub, and of course weapons and gear. From the outset this doesn’t sound too bad but as you dig deeper you slowly begin to see some holes.


The new patrol zone (Plague Lands) is basically an extended Old Russia.

Rise of Iron focuses on Lord Saladin. He has summoned you to his temple on the snowy mountains of Old Russia where you’re told that Fallen have begun splicing themselves with SIVA technology—an ancient synthetic being once thought to be good. The campaign lasts for 90 minutes until you thrown into the vicious cycle of Destiny grinding quests. These range from your typical “kill xx amount of enemies” to “finding secret lost artifacts”. The quest to build the popular Gjallarhorn is probably the highlight as you venture to different parts including the Last City of Earth.

From the PVP’s Crucible side we get a new mode called Supremacy where it’s basically COD’s Kill Confirmed. Perhaps the biggest update is the ability to host private matches which should definitely please those seeking to make Destiny tournaments.


As previously mentioned, Rise of Iron was sort of a last minute expansion and it shows. The campaign is short, the new patrol area (Plague Lands) is basically an extended Old Russia with more snow, and even the new Raid, which was supposed to be part of the House of Wolves expansion, has managed to be retrofitted for Rise of Iron. Destiny players who are hungry for new content will find it a bit lacking. However new players who have never touched the game will find a lot of value in the $60 complete package which includes all the expansions (good luck finding someone to play old raids with). However the biggest shock was a lack of a PC port. This could have been the most opportune moment for Bungie to recruit PC players before Destiny 2 hits but now it seems they’ll be stuck with playing a sequel to a game they know very little about (unless Destiny 2 manages to be a reboot).


The new raid does not disappoint

But with that said, I won’t lie. There were some great moments I had with Rise of Iron. The final campaign mission (which I won’t spoil) has the best final boss I’ve experienced in Destiny so far. The social hub and its secret climbing mountain stays true to Bungie’s weird yet satisfying level design. Giving some of your current gear a new look can be nice even though getting materials can be somewhat a pain. Completing random achievements now reward you with loot boxes. Enemies, for better or worse, now spawn in hordes as the expansion is no longer held back by last gen ports. In short it manages to bring out the best and worst of Destiny at the same time living me with a very conflicting feeling.

Last year’s Taken King was a real hit, it fixed a lot of Destiny’s glaring issues while introducing a good chunk of content. Rise of Iron is safe. It does very little other than to update Destiny and keep fans playing. It’s a pit stop to what will hopefully be an amazing sequel.



Call of Duty? More Like Destiny Warfare

As predicted, the new COD trailer is out this week and well, yes, it’s COD–in space!

So why is Destiny in the title? Well if anyone remembers, Black Ops 3 borrowed a lot from Destiny such as finishing supers and its multi-layer campaign mode. Seeing as how this is in space, one can’t help but feel that Activision is changing things up to suit both COD and Destiny audiences. I mean, heck, I’m excited by all this space combat (something Destiny itself lacks). Also the thumbnail taken from the trailer looks like something from Destiny rather than COD.

While little is known at this point it’s safe to assume that the Destiny formula works. Its MMO-lite properties such as dailies, raids, and (sadly) grinding have made players login constantly for rewards and drops. Furthermore Black Ops 3 was more less hinting at this trend with lobby like mission rooms where players meet up before starting.


But is this what fans really want? Another Destiny clone (which already took elements from COD)? Comments on YouTube and popular gaming blogs have criticized Activision for making the brand look too futuristic. Black Ops 3 and Advanced Warfare in particular were scrutinized over the idea of using double jumps and exo-suits power ups. They want things more traditional. Maybe this is why they decided to bundle the game with a remastering of the classic Modern Warfare? Makes sense to me.

Either way I would like to see how this goes. I for one I’m excited by this idea and if done right can finally shift Call of Duty to something different even if does feel familiar.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare launches world wide on November 4th for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.