New NES Classic Mod Allows You To Play N64, SNES, and More.

It seems that little tiny box has more potential than we thought. A new mod has been released for the NES Classic that will allow you to play N64 games, SNES, Mega Drive and much more. Yay for hacks!

The mod is apparently easy to apply and essentially turns your NES Classic into a Retroarch emu box. Those of you unfamiliar, Retroarch is an all in one emulator that sorts the hassle of using various emulators. Making it even more amazing is the ability to change the menu music and even add your custom box art for each rom.

Big warning: those of you who are willing to dip their toes into this need to follow the instructions carefully.

Thanks for the Zubari. 


Wind Waker and Other GameCube Titles Run Exceptionally Well on Galaxy S8

Mobile graphics are growing at an exponential rate each year and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 aims to continue that trend.

What you’re seeing is real: footage of GameCube titles including Wind Waker, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Smash Bros. Melee running on the hardware via Android Dolphin Emulator. The results are truly spectacular. The only way for me to get this working on my current One Plus 3 would be to stream the emulator from my PC via Moonlight but to see it running on the hardware itself is on a whole new level of awesome.

This is all thanks to the Exynos 8895 which is set to be the cutting edge in mobile performance technology. It certainly doesn’t disappoint in this regard.


Breath of The Wild Can Now Be Played in 4K Thanks to CEMU

CEMU, the fastest growing emulator ever made, has managed to get Breath of the Wild working in a practically perfect condition. Previously the game was plagued with issues ranging from the inability to swim to horrible framerates.

To give you an example of how much has changed, this is how it ran a month ago (gameplay starts at 4:34):

And this is how it looks now:

The difference is quite remarkable. Of course one huge benefit to all this is being able to play on a higher resolution. The Wii U version rendered at a measly 720p while the PC version can go up to 2160p or 4K.

Now you might be wondering how did this emulator fix most of these issues so fast? Dolphin took ages to fix its Z-rendering which allowed games like Rogue Squadron to run. The reason has to do with Patreon. CEMU is backed up by a lot of supports and during Breath of the Wild’s release it saw a huge spike in funding to get the game working. So while other emulator devs do this in their free time, CEMU was getting paid to focus and solve all the issues. Newsflash: money is a great motivator!

In order to get it to work it needs to be played on the latest version of CEMU which is 1.7.3d. Once you obtained it you simply need to get a legit back up of your game and away you go. Be sure to check out the second video’s comments to see what settings you need to put to get the best results. Keep in mind the game suffers from frame rate hiccups even on the original hardware so don’t act too surprised if you get a lot of slow down.


Wii U Emulator is Basically Perfect

When I first heard of Cemu, the Wii U PC emulator, I was thinking to myself “that’s gonna take a while…like 5 years to get anything basic running”. I was wrong.

As consoles get more advanced, emulating them becomes more of a hassle as you’d need to take into accounts lots of data such as cell processing. Yet despite it only being a few years in development, Cemu managed to somehow pull it off with near perfect results.

The first game you’ll see is Mario Kart 8 running on the latest version of Cemu.

And here’s Wind Waker HD which demonstrates switching screens to use the gamepad.

Mario 3D world

Super Smash Bros 4


I have to say I’m quite blown away by all this. Granted it’s not perfect (Super Smash 4 is choppy) but in comparison, Dolphin took years to gain this level of stability. Granted Dolphin is now a way more advanced emulator than Cemu which playes both Wii and Gamecube. All in all though this is good stuff. But there’s still ways to go as of right now Cemu doesn’t support high resolutions such as 4K.


N64 Emulator Out Now on Xbox One

Similar to the Gameboy Advance emulator, Microsoft has just approved a N64 emulator capable of, you guessed it, playing N64 games on your Xbox One.

The emulator was available for a while on the Windows 10 Store but since the new update started rolling out both stores are slowly merging which includes app support. This means that if you develop an app for the Windows 10 Store you could make it run easier on the Xbox One.


It also supports Windows Holo which would be interesting to try out

Unsurprisingly this lead to an explosion on the Xbox One subreddit with players now able to play classics like Mario 64 on a Microsoft home console. On the other side of the playing field, Nintendo fans are scratching their heads wondering how this passed approval and why Nintendo aren’t stepping in. The answer is simple: emulators are not illegal. However the Roms are copyright protected which the emulator does not offer. It’s also worth pointing out that emulators have long stood in popular digital storefronts such as Google Play where they receive constant updates.


The World is Not Enough running on Xbox One

In terms of performance, it doesn’t seem the emulator holds up THAT well on the system. Many are struggling to get games working smoothly at 1080. Then again, who cares? You can finally brag on the internet how you’re able to play Nintendo games on a Microsoft system (provided you don’t mention where and how you got the Roms).

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Dolphin Emulator Can Now Fully Boot All GameCube Games

For the longest time Star Wars Clone Wars was the only game to receive a 1 star rating for Dolphin Emulator compatibility. The recent version  5.0-540 has completely eliminated this issue meaning that all Gamecube games can boot on Dolphin. Oh, how far we’ve come.

The Dolphin Emulator, arguably the best emulator ever made, has jumped multiple hurdles through its development cycle. From making peripherals like the Wii Fit balance board to work to cracking the code behind Factor 5’s notorious Rogue Squadron graphics engine. Now it’s latest achievement has been making Star Wars Clone Wars to work.


If you’re interested in going into extra details about this feel free to read their latest blog post.


Gameboy Advance Emulator is Coming to Xbox One

One of the best Gameboy emulators seems to be making its way to the Xbox One for free.

VBA10 is a Windows 10 Gameboy emulator that’s capable of playing all your gameboy games include Advance. Thanks to user  p4n0pt1c0n he was able to get it working on his Xbox thanks to Microsoft’s universal integration of both Windows and Xbox store.

According to the emulator description this will allow:



  • Play all Game Boy games (GBA, GBC and GB).
    Auto save and load your progress.
  • Xbox 360 and HID gamepads support though it probably won’t support that on Xbox One.
  • Turbo mode.
  • Cheat code support.

Time will tell if Microsoft decides to pull the plug but seeing as how the emulator has been sitting in the Windows store for a while it shouldn’t be an issue. Users should be able to access the emulator with the new update this summer.