The Nintendo Switch Has Been Hacked (Already)

In less than two weeks after launch the Switch has already been hacked.

switch hacked

Coming from the same source that announced the PS VITA hack, the Switch’s security has been breached via the hidden browser.

It appears that the not-so-well hidden Nintendo Switch browser shipped with a bunch of old vulnerabilities that hackers were able to leverage. Yesterday, hacker qwertyoruiop (known for Jailbreaks of multiple iOS versions, and who also contributed to the PS4 1.76 Jailbreak) posted a screenshot of what seems to be a Webkit exploit running on the Nintendo Switch.

According to the hacker, “all” he had to do was slightly tweak his existing jailbreakMe iOS Webkit exploit (hence the mention of iOS and pangu in the screenshot) and remove iOS specific code from it. Although qwertyoruiop has not provided any proof or release besides a screenshot, the hacker’s reputation makes it highly unlikely to be a hoax (I do not have access to the hack or a Nintendo Switch here to verify. It might actually be the first time in history that people could get their hands on a console hack more easily than on the console itself).

It’s well known that browsers are the easiest way to hack devices. This has been true since the original jailbreak on the iOS and more recently the Vita, 3DS, and Wii U. It’s not clear how easy it will be to pirate games or mod them but it seems we are in the starting phase.


Steam is Down. Phantom Squad Takes Responsibility

UPDATE: Steam is back online.

If you were planning on playing some cozy games on Steam (or maybe even check out their winter sale) well prepare to be disappointed. A group known as Phantom Squad has hit Steam servers with what appears to be your standard DDoS attack. Currently all servers are down.

The funny part is nobody really knows why they did it other than, because they can. And of course fame. Last year, Steam was hit with a similar attack which thankfully was resolved quickly. For now we’ll have to see how this will pan out and, more importantly, if any private info wasn’t compromised in the process.


PS VITA Gets Custom Themes Thanks To Hack

The PS VITA Henkaku hack has erupted the past few weeks resulting all sorts of cool mods, emulators, and of course piracy. Among the cool mods is the ability to create custom themes.


Custom Themes Manager is a simple application for PlayStation Vita that allows you, as the name implies, to fully manage your Custom Themes direcly from the console. The user can browse, view, download and install Custom Themes from the online repository of on his PSVita directly from the same application, without the need to use the Internet Browser, external apps or mods to the database or to connect the console to a PC. This application also includes a function to completely uninstall any Custom Theme you don’t like anymore so as to free up space for new themes, again without the need of a PC or having to format the whole Memory Card. Included also an useful feature to create and restore (in case you need) a backup of your own database (app.db file). Finally, the application also includes a handy function to reboot your PSVita, saving you the trouble to manually shutdown and restart it, useful to correctly apply changes and avoid any bug after Custom Theme(s) installation or uninstallation.

From Ghbili to Kingdom Hearts, fans can now download and create their own theme for free. Granted you will need to hack your PS VITA which means you will need to be on Version 3.60 and don’t mind voiding your warranty.

You can grab the custom theme manager from here.