Upcoming Switch App ‘Rainway’ Will Allow You To Stream PC Games

A recent developer on Reddit has confirmed a PC steaming app is heading to the Switch.

Rainway is an app that allows users to stream PC content, particularly games, with ease from PC to other less powerful devices in HD 60 FPS. This is similar to apps like Moonlight which make use of Nvidia’s Gamestream technology.

The developer confirmed that it will be launching a BETA next month with a Switch release imminent as well. It seems odd for Nintendo to allow such an app but either way this is exciting news if true. The Switch’s screen is ideal for streaming content and I honestly can’t wait to try it out.


Xbox Scorpio Specs Revealed. Runs Games at 4K 60 FPS.

After months of speculation we finally have an official look at the Xbox Project Scorpio hardware and it’s a beast! Coming from Digital Foundry who had the privilege of meeting the Scorpio team, we got to learn a good chunk of details:

  • Microsoft aims at improving all of its games (including Xbox 360) to run at 4K.
  • Games will aim at running at 4K natively with aim of 60 FPS. An early prototype of Forza demonstrates this.
  • Game DVR will be upscaled to 4K so now all in-game footage can be recorded at 4K resolution.

Learn more about it from the video below:

Sadly we didn’t get a look at the hardware itself. Hopefully that will come closer to E3 time.


Xbox Scorpio Possible Reveal Set For Thursday

It’s been almost a year since E3 and any updates regarding Xbox Scorpio. Now it seems we will be getting a surprise reveal this week.

There’s no real tangible info to go on other than it’ll play games natively 4K as opposed to using the checkerboard rendering like the PS4 Pro. Other rumors suggest the Scorpio will be more than just a mid-gen console upgrade but an actual full fledged new next-gen system with exclusives.

We’ll find out more  later this week.


The Nintendo Switch Has Been Hacked (Already)

In less than two weeks after launch the Switch has already been hacked.

switch hacked

Coming from the same source that announced the PS VITA hack, the Switch’s security has been breached via the hidden browser.

It appears that the not-so-well hidden Nintendo Switch browser shipped with a bunch of old vulnerabilities that hackers were able to leverage. Yesterday, hacker qwertyoruiop (known for Jailbreaks of multiple iOS versions, and who also contributed to the PS4 1.76 Jailbreak) posted a screenshot of what seems to be a Webkit exploit running on the Nintendo Switch.

According to the hacker, “all” he had to do was slightly tweak his existing jailbreakMe iOS Webkit exploit (hence the mention of iOS and pangu in the screenshot) and remove iOS specific code from it. Although qwertyoruiop has not provided any proof or release besides a screenshot, the hacker’s reputation makes it highly unlikely to be a hoax (I do not have access to the hack or a Nintendo Switch here to verify. It might actually be the first time in history that people could get their hands on a console hack more easily than on the console itself).

It’s well known that browsers are the easiest way to hack devices. This has been true since the original jailbreak on the iOS and more recently the Vita, 3DS, and Wii U. It’s not clear how easy it will be to pirate games or mod them but it seems we are in the starting phase.


Learn What Makes The Switch Tick in This Teardown Video

Deconstruction videos are always amusing to watch. I’m not much of a hardware geek myself but I do occasionally have to fix a broken DS4 trigger now and then (saves me from buying a new one).

The latest video by IFIXIT however goes deeper and pulls apart a Switch This gives us a good look at how it pretty much works. Everything from the unique Nvidia Tegra chip to the cheap plastic dock gets taken apart.

A longer more in-depth video is expected to arrive soon. I for one prefer this content than dropping a new system for the sake of views.


The Switch is The Ultimate Indie Machine


Nintendo Switch Will Use Friend Codes

Uh-oh! Just when things were going swimmingly for Nintendo’s new handheld/console we get this.

switch friends.png

Image source: Press Start

Press Start were able to get a look at the Switch day one update which adds online functionality. To everyone’s dismay, the Nintendo Switch will in fact adopt the dreaded Friend Code system found in the 3DS. Oddly enough the Wii U doesn’t use friend codes which makes this kind of a head scratcher. One could assume that this will be to cross-play with 3DS owners, perhaps.


Suggestions are another way to add friends via NeoGaf

But there is some hope. Apparently you can add friends if you already linked with them on Facebook and Social Media. Furthermore if you are close to someone you can add them as a friend locally via the Switch.

It’s unclear but it would be great if Nintendo went into more detail on adding friends or online functionality as a whole. We still have no idea how the phone app works which is required to play online on the Switch.

In conclusion, Nintendo needs to wake up and open the flood gates on all the details. Leaving us in the dark will only do more harm than good.