The Nintendo Switch Has Been Hacked (Already)

In less than two weeks after launch the Switch has already been hacked.

switch hacked

Coming from the same source that announced the PS VITA hack, the Switch’s security has been breached via the hidden browser.

It appears that the not-so-well hidden Nintendo Switch browser shipped with a bunch of old vulnerabilities that hackers were able to leverage. Yesterday, hacker qwertyoruiop (known for Jailbreaks of multiple iOS versions, and who also contributed to the PS4 1.76 Jailbreak) posted a screenshot of what seems to be a Webkit exploit running on the Nintendo Switch.

According to the hacker, “all” he had to do was slightly tweak his existing jailbreakMe iOS Webkit exploit (hence the mention of iOS and pangu in the screenshot) and remove iOS specific code from it. Although qwertyoruiop has not provided any proof or release besides a screenshot, the hacker’s reputation makes it highly unlikely to be a hoax (I do not have access to the hack or a Nintendo Switch here to verify. It might actually be the first time in history that people could get their hands on a console hack more easily than on the console itself).

It’s well known that browsers are the easiest way to hack devices. This has been true since the original jailbreak on the iOS and more recently the Vita, 3DS, and Wii U. It’s not clear how easy it will be to pirate games or mod them but it seems we are in the starting phase.


Learn What Makes The Switch Tick in This Teardown Video

Deconstruction videos are always amusing to watch. I’m not much of a hardware geek myself but I do occasionally have to fix a broken DS4 trigger now and then (saves me from buying a new one).

The latest video by IFIXIT however goes deeper and pulls apart a Switch This gives us a good look at how it pretty much works. Everything from the unique Nvidia Tegra chip to the cheap plastic dock gets taken apart.

A longer more in-depth video is expected to arrive soon. I for one prefer this content than dropping a new system for the sake of views.

Nintendo Switch Will Use Friend Codes

Uh-oh! Just when things were going swimmingly for Nintendo’s new handheld/console we get this.

switch friends.png

Image source: Press Start

Press Start were able to get a look at the Switch day one update which adds online functionality. To everyone’s dismay, the Nintendo Switch will in fact adopt the dreaded Friend Code system found in the 3DS. Oddly enough the Wii U doesn’t use friend codes which makes this kind of a head scratcher. One could assume that this will be to cross-play with 3DS owners, perhaps.


Suggestions are another way to add friends via NeoGaf

But there is some hope. Apparently you can add friends if you already linked with them on Facebook and Social Media. Furthermore if you are close to someone you can add them as a friend locally via the Switch.

It’s unclear but it would be great if Nintendo went into more detail on adding friends or online functionality as a whole. We still have no idea how the phone app works which is required to play online on the Switch.

In conclusion, Nintendo needs to wake up and open the flood gates on all the details. Leaving us in the dark will only do more harm than good.

Nvidia Reveals The 1080ti With a 35% Power Increase

It’s that time of the year again! Nvidia has revealed its new flashy 1080ti which is labeled as the most advanced GPU yet.

Unlike its previous Ti models, the 1080ti is based on new architecture and sees a whopping 35% boost over the regular 1080 model. Nvidia has built the GPU for a better 4K experience as new 4K G-Sync Monitors (with HDR of course) are scheduled to come out along side the GPU.

As expected it’s pricey as hell starting with an MSRP of $699. If you feel intimidated you can opt for the regular 1080 which has now been reduced to a somewhat reasonable MSRP of $499.

The 1080ti is expected to launch soon. If you feel bold or have the cash to spare you can pre-order it here.

Nintendo Middle East Supplier (Active Gulf) is Forcing Switch Bundles On Retailers

Active Gulf, an official Nintendo supplier in the Middle East, is forcing retailers to sell Switch units with bundles. This is coming from several close sources I verified who are dealing with them.

As you’re probably aware, the Switch comes with no games. This is obviously to keep the price down to its regular $300 value. However due to Active Gulf’s strategy of forcing a 1-2 Switch bundle the mark up has been raised considerably. As a result various outlets such as Geekay Games have been getting criticized for forcing bundles even though they basically have no choice. They and many others literally can’t sell the Switch alone due to the bundle restriction.

I’ve contacted Active Gulf for a statement and will update the article once/if I receive it. 

Active Gulf have long been considered a question mark in the Middle East gaming world. Unlike other suppliers, they seem to be completely out of touch with the market and have basically no clue about their audience. As a resident in Bahrain I often struggle to support Nintendo products in the region due to their confusing region code and the fact there is no proper support. So I just end getting everything digitally or just purchasing it from abroad (or re-sellers who get it from abroad). Of course I’m not the only one who feels this way which probably explains why most people I know buy Nintendo products outside the region.

Nintendo has a large community in the Middle East. It may not be as large as the PlayStation behemoth but it’s there and needs to grow. Active Gulf has ironically remained inactive to help. No PR events or communicating with local media outlets. Lack of support will only mean that Nintendo will continue to ignore us.

The Switch is meant to be a new beginning for Nintendo and a chance to strike gold in areas it might have overlooked in the past. Adopting a region free philosophy is a start but going by Active Gulf’s recent strategy it seems the Switch will be too pricey to break the market. All I have to say is thank god for Amazon.

Watch CNET Fail At Using The Nintendo Switch Kickstand

In an attempt to garner wide spread attention, CNET’s Nintendo Switch Kickstand Fail video backfired tremendously.

It’s like watching a train wreck. Aside from the obviously bad attempts at making the Switch tip by almost punching it (who knew?) CNET has instead created a meme of sorts trying to convince people of a problem they themselves are creating.

GoNintendo did a great job of comparing the fake drops to infomercial ads.

As it stands, CNET’s dislike ration reflects how dumb the idea behind this video, and stands along the pointless hate that Nintendo is periodically receiving over their new hardware. Might as well drop an iPhone and blame how easily the screen cracks!