ZoE Second Runner HD is Coming to PC as Well

Among the barrage of interesting announcements we got in today’s Sony’s TGS press conference one of them has to be Zoe Second Runner returning in VR.

Now at first glance this seems to be a PS exclusive. After all both ZoE games were on the PlayStation 2 and were sadly botched the in the HD collection released on PS3 and Xbox 360. Thankfully that’s not the case as PC players will be able to get on board as well. AS noted in the game’s product description, Konami will be bringing this to Steam.


The updated mode will bring native 4K and VR support. Expected launch date is 2018. I just hope we get a proper MGS HD collection next on PC.


Death Stranding’s New Trailer is Hauntingly Beautiful

It’s one of those moments that make us feel sick but can’t turn away. Hideo Kojima (who has finally earned his life time achievement award) has given us a new look into his bizarre project.

In case you haven’t notice, yes, that’s famous Spanish director Guillermo del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen who played in the TV show Hannibal. As for the game itself? Well it’s still a mystery. All we know is that it appears to be some sort of post apocalyptic world were dead bodies can be used as weapons (as shown with the dead skeleton soldiers).

Time will tell how this will shape up but hopefully it doesn’t resort to the monotony  of MGS V’s mission structure.


Hideo Kojima Thinks Episodic Content is The Future

Speaking with Gamespot, Hideo Kojima has stated that episodic content is the future of gaming distribution.

“Right now we have two-hour-long movies and TV episodes are roughly 40 minutes, but in Japan you have morning shows that last 15 minutes,” he explained.

“That’s where I think things are headed, having five or 15-minute episodes. For games, having massive, long games will become a thing of the past.”

Metal Gear Solid V was split up into several missions each with its own intro and end credits. Going by that it seems Kojima is more interested in delivery approach that is more akin to bite sized experiences. Whether this means Death Stranding will be episodic remains to be seen.

Personally, and as much as I love Kojima’s work, I tend to lean on games that are more of a complete experience. I understand how he likes to measure up games to other mediums but that doesn’t mean they need to be movies or TV shows.