Overwatch Player Gets Sexually Harassed for 16 Minutes. Records The Whole Thing.

It’s no secret that the Overwatch competitive has become toxic as hell, but if you ever needed more proof then look no further.

GLISA, like many of us, like to play online to have fun. Losing and winning are expected but sometimes we get heated up and tend to let out a few things we regret later on. However these guys, who weren’t even playing that well, took it to the extreme and constantly started to sexually harass GLISA. It became so ridiculous that she went ahead and upload the whole thing because there’s honestly very little to edit out.

This is honestly one of the main reason I drifted away from quickplay and competitive matches in Overwatch and instead stick to the classic mode. Even then I don’t play it that much as I still run into the occasional douchebag who constantly hammers me to pick a healer. I’m not saying Overwatch is a dead game by any means but its community has certainly taken a nose dive.


Blizzard is Open Minded to Bringing Overwatch to the Switch

Nintendo’s Switch has been getting lots of attention lately so it’s no surprise that devs haven’t taken note. Since launch we’ve seen plenty of indie as well and various studios announcing Switch ports.

Overwatch’s director Jeff Kaplan has stated his love towards the Switch and is open to the idea of bringing it to the platform.


Emphasis on Challenging as they’d need to tinker the engine to maintain that solid 60 FPS no doubt. But I wouldn’t see it as impossible as Blizzard tends to make games that even low-end PC’s can manage well.

How would you feel if Overwatch came to the Switch?


Ana Joins the Fray as a Sniper Healer in Overwatch

The long rumored Overwatch character has been revealed as Ana: a sniper who also acts as support. Meaning her rifle also heals as well as deals damage. Interesting!

She will be voiced by Shohreh Aghdashloo, a well known Iranian-American actress who voiced multiple video games including the Mass Effect series. One thing I do admire is the attention to detail. Playing as an old women sniper who happens to look this stylish is rare to see in video games, especially one as high prolific as Overwatch. No release date has been announced so far.

Be sure to check out her origin story here as well.


Overwatch Review: Singleplayer or CO-OP Would Have Gone a Long Way

After spending most of my week with Overwatch I can safely say that Blizzard delivered. It has become my new favorite new MP only game and possibly a GOTY 2016 contender. However I can’t help but feel it could have been more. A singleplayer or CO-OP would have certainly gone a long way in making Overwatch feel less empty.

Find out more about what I think of Overwatch in my latest Rash Review.


New Overwatch Animated Short is The Best One Yet

Blizzard has released a new Overwatch animated short and while it may not be about our lord and savior, Bastion, it sure looks bad ass.

What makes this stand out from the rest is how much thought went into the backstory: The Dragons being Hanzo and Genji  are told through old folk tales. And the music, god, the music.

The only thing that makes this bitter is that Overwatch will lack a campaign mode. Hopefully Blizz would consider it down the line given how popular these animated story shorts are.