SEGA’s Future Video Gives Us Hope

Amidst the onslaught of news from last week’s E3, SEGA decided to play it a bit low-key and release the following video well after the event has concluded.

It’s filled with inspiring words narrated by none other than Toshihiro Nagoshi best know for the Yakuza series (which is probably the only high quality series to come from the studio in the past decade). More importantly thought it gives us hope that perhaps SEGA is finally listening and wishes to make amends to its less than stellar post-Dreamcast phase.

SEGA has also been doing retro Tweets from its SEGA Forever Twitter account. Could this be a hint of a retro console revival? Maybe. But on thing’s for sure: if there’s one studio that definitely needs to make a comeback it’s SEGA.


Project Dream (Dreamcast 2) Still Lives. Prototype Video Coming Soon

The prototype fan project to create a Dreamcast 2, also known as Project Dream, has been having a turbulent development cycle. Various rumors circled that there were internal struggles and that nothing was materializing. Today, however, the team have returned with some great news.

JUN 3, 2016 — Hello everyone. Thanks for sticking around.
We have gone through some changes but are STILL in the game!

Keep an eye out because in the coming weeks we will be releasing demonstration video of the prototype in action!

That’s quite exciting and kind of relieving to hear. Honestly I don’t expect this project to be anything more than proof of concept but the fact they’re going this far is certainly interesting.



SEGA’s New Emulator is a Love Letter to Fans

SEGA has launched an updated version to its SEGA Genesis & Mega Drive Classics and let me tell you, it looks gorgeous. I’ve heard rumblings of a free update but the features here blew me past my expectations.

You can find details on what I’m talking about in the short video. Oh, and by the way, you can now put free community mods to those SEGA collection games. Keep this attitude up, SEGA. If anything, this makes me want you back more than ever.