Sonic Forces Introduces Customizable Character Creation

For the first time in the franchise’s history, players will be able to create and play with their own created Sonic character.

This was revealed in a new trailer that unveils the mysterious character as a randomly generated avatar (and not Bubsy). Here is a list of creatures you can select from along with their abilities.


We also get a sneak peek at some new gameplay footage as well.

Sonic Forces arrives Q4 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, Swich, and PC.


Sonic Forces – First Official Look at Gameplay

SEGA have released the first look at Sonic Forces and as we guessed, it will play similar to Sonic Generations.

Interesting to note is that the gameplay is running at 60 FPS. Generations on consoles was only able to manage 30. However it’s worth noting that the Switch may have slight degraded quality and will most likely run at 30 but we’ll see!

Now some may be wondering why they went back to the Generations formula? Well considering that it was the last really good Sonic game that not only sold but got great reviews, it makes complete sense from a business to go back and work on that formula.

Sonic Forces is coming Holiday 2017 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Here’s Our First Look at Knuckles and Tails (Plus New Zones) in Sonic Mania

SEGA and Kinda Funny Games have teamed up to give us more Sonic Mania goodness.

Finally we get to see Knuckles and Tails in action and their adorable sprite animations. It’s charming and feels totally connected to the origin of what made 2D Sonic great in the first place. We also get to see some new zones one of which is basically a recreated version of the cancelled Desert Dazzle Zone from Sonic CD.

Sonic Mania is expected to arrive May 2017 along with a beautiful collector’s edition.

There’s Already a Sonic Mania Fan Game

With the trailer reaching 2 million views, it’s no secret that fans both old and new are excited for Sonic Mania. And in it’s wake it’s only natural that a fan game is created.

YouTuber YESMEN10 has managed to recreate the new zone Studiopolis which was featured heavily in gameplay videos and launch trailer. Players can download it now and play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and even Shadow and explore the new zone. YESMEN also made it clear that he is not intending on making a copy of the game but just did this as a sort of demo to help ease the wait.

Sonic Mania launches early next year, a beautiful looking collector’s edition has also been announced.

Free Sonic Hat With Pre-Order of Sonic Boom Fire and Ice [UK Exclusive]

Anyone who pre-orders Sonic Boom Fire and Ice from the Nintendo UK store will be entitled to a Sonic hat. Hell. Yes.

While UK fans will miss out on the incredibly beautiful Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition they can at least rest well knowing that they can get a free Sonic hat.

Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition Up For Pre-Order

Sonic Mania is getting a collector’s edition and it looks hot!


This beauty comes with a beautiful 12 inch statue of Sonic standing on a Mega Drive/Genesis. Pressing on the button will produce the iconic “SEEEGGAAA” sound effect. Aside from that we get a nice looking mock up cartridge of Sonic Mania along with a gold ring. And finally a metallic card that shows the download key. Yes, even though the game is getting a collector’s edition there is no physical copy included. What a world we live in! It’s also worth mentioning that this is NA exclusive at the moment, so importing would have to be the only option for now.

Regardless you can pre-order a copy right now on Amazon. It costs about $70 which is not too shabby for something like this. Amazon also lists a May release date which could make sense seeing as how they pinned for around Spring time.