PS4k, Now Code Named NEO, Reveales its Specs

A report over at Giant Bomb has just leaked a megaton (heh) of info regarding the upcoming PS4 upgrade. The system is code named NEO and will give devs more memory both in terms of CPU and GPU.

Below is a comparison:


Furthermore older games can be patched to take advantage of the NEO hardware. Meaning that games such as Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, Final Fantasy XV, The Division (desperately needed) can all look and run better on the new hardware. Based on these specs however I doubt we will be able to get smooth 4K performance as that would definitely raise the price a lot even in today’s gaming world.

The good news however it seems there won’t be any NEO exclusives. At least not at the start. It will be capable of running the same games but  look and run strikingly better on it. So I guess mission half-accomplished, Sony?

I do feel this is a bad idea. Having a mid cycle gap would just leave gamers feeling confused and left out. I mean thinking about it now wouldn’t have been better to just wait a few more years and release a PS5? I suppose from a business point of view Sony knows and predicted that fans will eat this up whether they like it or not. Especially early adopters such as myself who will now feel insecure about owning an inferior and less powerful version. Or maybe they’re too worried that no one would adopt a new console so soon. Either way we’ll find out more at this year’s E3.

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