Upcoming Switch App ‘Rainway’ Will Allow You To Stream PC Games

A recent developer on Reddit has confirmed a PC steaming app is heading to the Switch.

Rainway is an app that allows users to stream PC content, particularly games, with ease from PC to other less powerful devices in HD 60 FPS. This is similar to apps like Moonlight which make use of Nvidia’s Gamestream technology.

The developer confirmed that it will be launching a BETA next month with a Switch release imminent as well. It seems odd for Nintendo to allow such an app but either way this is exciting news if true. The Switch’s screen is ideal for streaming content and I honestly can’t wait to try it out.


Play The First Tomb Raider in Your Browser

The first original Tomb Raider demo can now be played in your browser. No, really check it out for yourself.

You may have noticed a few new things. First of all this is not the same engine CORE design 20 years ago but actually rebuilt from scratch. This obviously means we get fancy new effect such as dynamic shadows and water. The engine itself is also built to accept level assets meaning you can load any classic TR game level as long as you own them.

If you’re interested in finding out more then be sure visit the folks at OpenLara.

Crawl is The Most Original CO-OP Game in Years – Review

Whenever someone tells me let’s play a CO-OP game I immediately picture Halo 1, Streets of Rage, or Gears of War. The idea of working together to overcome the odds and beat a game has always been an endearing childhood feeling for me. Even going back to the Famicom days of having two controllers wired into a box, CO-OP have followed this formula for ages. That is until I played Crawl.

While the design may scream “another indie pixel game” don’t be so quick to judge. I at first assumed this would be your typical old school brawler where me and friends dungeon ‘crawl’ our way out and beating up some baddies. Instead Crawl ended up being one of those few games that surprised me in a very good way.


You and three other players start off each dungeon in a brawl. The one left standing ends up staying as a human who needs to level up to at least 10 throughout the dungeon to challenge the boss. Defeating him wins the game. The remaining players end up becoming ghosts who need to be revived as a human by killing the human player. This can be achieved by possessing certain objects or traps or using a pentagram on the floor to spawn as a monster. The monster itself also has a leveling system that could be upgraded using wrath points which can only be acquired while being a ghost/monster. So while you may not be getting XP you will at least continue leveling up your monster using the wrath points to have a better chance next time. You can level up your monsters after the player decides to move deeper into the dungeon. Furthermore ghosts can possess certain parts of the dungeon boss which again can force the player to lose. This could mean possessing a giant arm of a monster to smash the floor or the head to shoot off a devastating laser beam. If the player loses a boss fight they’ll be kicked out with low health and need to continue leveling up by descending further into the dungeon. As a human player, you actually want to summon your friends as monster because by defeating them you gain XP which is needed to level up and defeat the boss. You can also earn coins that can be used at a vendor to upgrade your gear and weapons.

Now that may sound like a lot to digest but it’s one of those things that you pick up very easily. The game does offer a sort of light tutorial section when starting the game but even newcomers will slowly get it while playing. But I can’t lie, at certain moments I was forced to sort of pause the game to brief each of my friends what this does and how not to get lost. This mostly happens when going into the technicalities.


The thing that makes Crawl so fun is that it works well as a competitive and as a CO-OP title. Yes, you are more or less co-operating with each other as you, the human player, needs XP and ghost players need to become human to further their chances as well. Also, if you end up descending for a period time and fail to defeat the boss, the game will end so at its core it still works as a CO-OP title.

Crawl is a game meant to be experienced with friends, there are bots who can work as suitable substitutes. Actually, I want to take a minute here to talk about the AI and how smart it is. I mean besides getting lost and sometimes going the right way, the AI would also go to a vendor and ‘think’ about what to choose before picking an item. There were plenty of times where I had to double check it wasn’t my friend. But even with that, the game’s charm comes from sitting with your buddies on a couch and just screaming at each other. It’s the type of game where at one moment you’re working together and others are fighting to win. Again, this sort of dynamic works exceptionally well and honestly can’t think of any multiplayer game that attempted this before.


Visually the game borrows the typical classic 8-bit look we see in plenty of indie titles. It looks good, especially during boss fights but I couldn’t help but squint every now and then to make up what was written or trying to make out the tiny details. The pixel visuals can also be headache inducing as the camera at times zooms in at what is something intentionally made low res. I would also often get lost especially as the ghost clips through objects. My friends didn’t face this problem as much but I certainly found it a bit inconvenient.

Crawl is one of the most original CO-OP game I played in years. It’s the type of game that shows how being unique can not only separate you from the crowd but give players something no current game offers. Most importantly it’s fun but only with friends sitting beside you.


New NES Classic Mod Allows You To Play N64, SNES, and More.

It seems that little tiny box has more potential than we thought. A new mod has been released for the NES Classic that will allow you to play N64 games, SNES, Mega Drive and much more. Yay for hacks!

The mod is apparently easy to apply and essentially turns your NES Classic into a Retroarch emu box. Those of you unfamiliar, Retroarch is an all in one emulator that sorts the hassle of using various emulators. Making it even more amazing is the ability to change the menu music and even add your custom box art for each rom.

Big warning: those of you who are willing to dip their toes into this need to follow the instructions carefully.

Thanks for the Zubari. 

Mr. Shifty– Switch Review

Among the many interesting new indie games coming to the Switch, Mr. Shifty is definitely in the top tier category. Its arcade brawling style with an emphasis on teleporting around gives off an epic feeling of being a total bad ass. The game doesn’t put any emphasis on guns or shooting and instead asks the player to get up-close and personal.

While I usually like to kick-off my reviews by discussing the plot, Mr. Shifty sort of takes a back seat in this regard. You’re raiding a building to stop an evil corporate “asshole” from mass producing a weapon of mass destruction. Aside from some witty dialogue here and there, that’s pretty much it. The game doesn’t even open with an intro just straight to level 1. As mentioned earlier this is an arcade brawler and it plays so to the core.


Even its levels tend to follow a classic game design approach where you start at the bottom of the building and slowly work your way you to the big finale. The only issue I have so far is that a lot of the assets can feel re-used. I was a bit surprised to see a game like this go over 3 GB when so many things are re-used with simple textures. Granted though the game’s physics is pretty solid. Watching countless foes flinging from your punches and hitting objects never gets old.

While the game does re-use a lot of its art, the level design itself varies from floor to floor. Similar to games like Hotline Miami you would need to study the room before breaking in the door and begin the fight. Sometimes you would even have to use the environment to your favor. One room for example had a laser turret that was blocked with glass and was surrounded by gun henchmen. I teleported next to the laser turret, had the henchmen shoot me to break the glass but then teleported away and activate the turret to take out all the henchmen in the room.

Mr. Shifty can get pretty challenging. Given the fact you can ‘shift’ around the game has a 1 hit KO rule. Teleporting also has its limits. You can only do it 5 times so making them count is crucial. Beating down foes helps build up a focus meter which once filled will allow the player to take a hit which causes time to slow down. It’s a weird way to activate a special but it works. Thankfully the game’s controls are pretty easy. You simply tap ‘b’ to teleport and ‘a’ to punch. However I found it easier to teleport using the ‘r’ bumper and face button to punch.


In terms of performance Mr. Shifty can suffer a bit on the Switch. Even though it runs at 30 FPS, on docked the FPS can dip in certain areas where plenty of physics are happening. I however did not notice these problems in handheld mode. The PC version on the other hand offers a steady and smooth 60 FPS with 4K. For an action packed game like this, the performance certainly makes a difference. But at the same time there’s no denying that playing arcade games on the go feels more suited. I could for example finish a level while on a bus ride and the fact there isn’t a lot of story means I don’t need to waste much time watching cutscenes. In the end if I had to choose one I would probably go with the Switch version.

At first glance, many will feel the need to compare this to Hotline Miami given its gameplay style. But it shouldn’t be. Mr. Shifty does a lot to stand out and while it may be thin on the content side of things it will keep you coming back to beat those high scores.


The Yakuza Remake is Coming This August Exclusively on PS4

If you loved Yakuza 0 like I did you’d be happy to know the remake dubbed Yakuza Kiwami is coming August 22nd exclusively on PS4 for just $30. Making the news even sweeter is the announcement of a SteelBook edition.


As with 0, Yakuza Kiwami will support full HD and 60 FPS.

And if that wasn’t enough, SEGA launched a Yakuza Experience website which includes a break down of the plot and characters. It also includes an exclusive comic series that will work as a great reference point and build up for Yakuza 6 which is scheduled to be released next year.