Mass Effect Andromeda Five Minute Gameplay Has Landed

The latest Mass Effect game from Bioware has been in development for quite some time. First revealed at E3 2014, it’s been 2 years and besides from a few glimpses we still have no clue how this game works. Until now.

The planets do look very promising but I do feel some of the animations are…dated?They’re not bad by any means but there’s just something off about them especially during combat. Regardless Andromeda does look promising and if they manage to truly give each world it’s own story then we’re looking one huge ass RPG.


New Zelda Breath of The Wild Trailer and Gameplay Video Revealed

Nintendo has released two new footage of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

First up is a new trailer which finally features some towns and people. More importantly we get to see what appears to be a female Link? A twin sister?  People have speculated that this could also be Zelda so we’ll see.

The next is a let’s play video running on the Wii U version. It’s more of the good stuff with the addition of introducing a new race of bird people who share a striking resemblance to the Rito from Wind Waker.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is currently scheduled for March though a recent rumor suggests that it could be delayed as far June.


Death Stranding’s New Trailer is Hauntingly Beautiful

It’s one of those moments that make us feel sick but can’t turn away. Hideo Kojima (who has finally earned his life time achievement award) has given us a new look into his bizarre project.

In case you haven’t notice, yes, that’s famous Spanish director Guillermo del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen who played in the TV show Hannibal. As for the game itself? Well it’s still a mystery. All we know is that it appears to be some sort of post apocalyptic world were dead bodies can be used as weapons (as shown with the dead skeleton soldiers).

Time will tell how this will shape up but hopefully it doesn’t resort to the monotony  of MGS V’s mission structure.


Final Fantasy XV Ships Over 5 Million Units

Yesterday we were bit in a frenzy when we learned that Final Fantasy XV needs to sell over 10 million units to classify as a win for Square. Well in just one day they managed to pull off half of it at least to retailers.

This comes from a recent report that includes both physical as well as digital sales. As it stands Final Fantasy XV is the fastest selling entry in the franchise. This of course is great news considering that XV would more or less determine the future of the franchise. The marketing, the waiting, and development all paid off.


Final Fantasy XVI Will Only Happen if XV Does Well

Final Fantasy XV is out today and thankfully it’s good! But there’s no denying that it costed a lot of time and cash to produce. This probably explains why Square is pushing this game excessively with promos such as statues, restaurants, Uber, a live action trailer, a movie, anime, and even cross promoting with TV shows such as Arrow. In all my years I honestly haven’t seen a JRPG get promoted as much as Final Fantasy XV.

So naturally there will be high expectations for the game’s ROI but it goes deeper than that. Back in May a 4Chan user managed to leak the entire script for Final Fantasy XV (spoiler warning). Yes, the whole damn thing. I even did a video about it thinking it was BS.

While the final produce turned out well a lot more info was revealed particularly how the franchise will continue after this and if there will be a XVI. To put it short: it all depends on XV.

“Is FFXVI being worked on right now? and by who?”
FFXVI is only going to happen if XV does well

He also went to ackgnolodge that no one is working XVI at the moment, not even secretly or conceptually. I do think working XVI now would be kind of a waste given that the FF 7 Remake and KH 3 need to be finished first. But I’m also concerned that XV may struggle to make back the cash. According to the game’s director Hajime Tabata, XV has to sell 10 million copies to count as a profit. Yikes! That’s almost twice as much as Witcher 3 sold.

It’s up in the air at this stage and it’s too early to judge but I feel we most likely won’t be seeing XVI for quite a while. Even if XV doesn’t sell well Square will most likely have the VII remake to fall back on so I’m not too worried about it never happening.


Wii U Emulator is Basically Perfect

When I first heard of Cemu, the Wii U PC emulator, I was thinking to myself “that’s gonna take a while…like 5 years to get anything basic running”. I was wrong.

As consoles get more advanced, emulating them becomes more of a hassle as you’d need to take into accounts lots of data such as cell processing. Yet despite it only being a few years in development, Cemu managed to somehow pull it off with near perfect results.

The first game you’ll see is Mario Kart 8 running on the latest version of Cemu.

And here’s Wind Waker HD which demonstrates switching screens to use the gamepad.

Mario 3D world

Super Smash Bros 4


I have to say I’m quite blown away by all this. Granted it’s not perfect (Super Smash 4 is choppy) but in comparison, Dolphin took years to gain this level of stability. Granted Dolphin is now a way more advanced emulator than Cemu which playes both Wii and Gamecube. All in all though this is good stuff. But there’s still ways to go as of right now Cemu doesn’t support high resolutions such as 4K.


How to Unlock the Flying Regalia (Type-F) in Final Fantasy XV

As shown in the trailers, the Regalia not only serves as your road trip wheels but also as a flying ship!

In order to unlock the Regalia Type-F you will need to meet the following conditions:

  • Beat the game
  • Raid three Niflheim bases and acquire the engine parts (the last base appears next to Hammer Head after beating the game)
  • Talk to Cindy

Not only will your new Regalia fly but have unlimited fuel. Take caution though, if you crash it’s game over.