Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition – Review

I LOVE Rayman Legends. I’ve played it on three different platforms: the PS3, the Wii U, and now the “Definitive Edition” on the Switch which claims to be the all-in one experience. After spending some time with the updated port I have some reservations calling it definitive but it nevertheless manages to be a must have Switch title thanks to its portability.

Now it’s worth noting that Rayman Legends was ported to the PSVITA which looked beautiful on the OLED screen but didn’t manage to hit an HD resolution. With the Switch’s bigger screen and 720P display, Rayman Legends never looked this good on a handheld. But of course it wouldn’t be Rayman without some CO-OP and the Switch is just perfect for that. Taking it with you and being able to play CO-OP thanks to the Joy-Cons means that you take that sweet Rayman Legends experience to pretty much anywhere. Making things even more fun is the fact you link up and play up to 8 players with the game’s new Kung-Foot mode, which takes inspiration from Smash bros. The minigames serve as a fun distraction but it’s the core experience of being able to play CO-OP on one Switch is what really sells this version.


As a “Definitive Edition” port it does serve up all the DLC including the Nintendo exclusive Mario and Luigi costumes. But I can’t really say this is the BEST version of the game as there are clear setbacks. For one the game isn’t 4K. This is of course not the game’s fault as the Switch can only output 1080p. Another missing feature is the ability to play Murphy with your friend. Since the game was originally announced as a Wii U exclusive, the idea was anyone using the Gamepad would be able to use the touch screen to manipulate the level while your partner(s) traverses. Since the Switch is only one screen that has to be docked it’s impossible to experience this with friend. Instead you’re opted to rather control Murphy and have an AI move through the level (similar to the PSVITA) or control the character while pushing A to give Murphy orders. Finally the game’s loading is definitely longer than past ports. Digital Foundry made the assessment that it was due to compression as Rayman Legends is only around 2 GB. Meanwhile current-gen versions such as the PS4 port have zero loading.


So the word “Definitive” is clearly misplaced here but does that make Rayman Legends on Switch a bad port? Absolutely not. Because of the larger screen, the ability to play on the TV, and having a 2 player CO-OP experience on the go I would vouch that this is indeed the best version of Rayman Legends out there even though it lacks certain elements. If you’re a fan or haven’t played Rayman Legends before now is the time.




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