Xbox 360: How it Shaped the Gaming World of Today

With the end of the Xbox 360 comes an end of era. However, even in death, the 360 has helped shape the gaming world we know today. From Achievements to kick starting the indie generation, we owe a lot the green machine.

Enjoy my latest vblog which covers this topic as well sharing my favorite memories with the system.


2 thoughts on “Xbox 360: How it Shaped the Gaming World of Today

    • Let’s see, in 2005 the Xbox 360 introduced:

      – HD Gaming
      – Xbox live arcade games (which later on sparked the indie craze)
      – achievements (sony didn’t get trophies until 2009)
      – for the most part had better ports
      – downloaded games did not need to be installed and just ran instantly

      And later on went to:
      – standardize online gaming with features such as chat support
      – update menu features

      From what I know the PS3 just introduced Bluray discs. If I’m wrong, please enlighten men.

      In regards to red ring of death, you’re right. That did get out of hand as mentioned in the video. However my PS3 also died from the yellow light of death so both consoles ended up getting replaced by their slimmer models.


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