Mighty No. 9 Won’t Come Out Until December According to Xbox Store

The anticipated Mega Man successor from series creator Keiji Inafune was supposed to come out last year. It was then later delayed till February and then further delayed till some time in Spring 2016. It’s practically summer 2016 and Mighty No. 9 is still nowhere to be found. Now, according to the Xbox store we may be waiting a bit longer.


December 2, 2016 is now the tentative release date

While it’s safe to assume that this is a place holder (other stores such as Amazon do this from time to time) it’s still a bit worrisome that there has been no news for Mighty No. 9 in a while. I mean at the very least update the backers (I’m one of them) about what’s going on and what’s the status on the release date.

Whatever happens I do hope that at least comes out some time this year.


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