Battleborn is Everything I Dread About Today’s Games

Battleborn was on the cusp of being something truly special. It’s deceptive opening act made me believe that we’re getting a game with an actual story and character development. Instead it chose to be a MOBA in a sea of MOBAs.

My review.


2 thoughts on “Battleborn is Everything I Dread About Today’s Games

  1. Yes, Battleborn is a MOBA, but I wouldn’t say it’s just a generic copy/paste work like so many of them are. This game is nothing like LoL or SMITE or any other MOBA I’ve seen, really. It does a great job of bridging the gap between your typical FPS and the arena-style games we’ve seen popping up by the dozens in the past couple years. At its core it is a rather simple game, but I actually found it to be unique and extremely fun to play.


    • My biggest gripe though was how the story was poorly handled. I was expecting something interesting with all these characters and universe. Instead it only serves some mysterious backdrop which players have to suddenly feel invested in.

      Also in terms of the gameplay a lot of the characters, classes were broken, mission design were dreadful. Overall felt like a big waste of time for me honestly. MOBA fans may find some fun in it but not at its current price value.


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