CAPCOM Admits Defeat. Will Now Ensure Future Titles are Complete Before Launch.

In the wake of Street Fighter V’s severe lack of content, CAPCOM has thrown in the towel and admitted its wrong doing. The fact that an unknown such as Pokken Tournament outsold Street Fighter V says a lot right there.

As a result the CEO of CAPCOM, Kenzo Tsujimoto, has went on record to make sure future titles receive a “little more time” on quality and content.

Q. What impact has organizational restructuring of development in the Consumer business had?
A. Compared to before the restructuring, we have made profitability improvements via
administration of the roadmap and increasing the ratio of internally developed titles. However, at the same time we have increased our development workforce, thus we must pay greater attention to management of development. We also possess a vast library of content in which there remains multiple IP that have not yet been utilized to their full potential—these issues we will handle moving forward. Moreover, we will endeavor for further profitability improvements and unit sales growth by releasing all titles finished to a high level of quality.

The “vast library of content” part has me interested. Will we see CAPCOM take more serious action on in their IP’s moving forward? Time will tell. I mean they still gotta make it up to all Mega Man fans around the world, right? Hopefully this will be a turnabout to bringing CAPCOM back to its glory days.


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