Morocco Has Banned Online Games

For a while, Morocco’s biggest ISP (Maroc Telecom) has been very strict about VOIP applications. Recently however they decided to ban online games all together!

NeoGaf user Madouu has expressed his frustration as the telecom continues to ban VOIP applications and in the process has banned online video games all together.

Fast forward a few months for a new development: Last Monday, a new set of VoIP applications that had escaped the ban until now got blocked (imo messenger for example) by Maroc Telecom. More importantly, this was accompanied by what seems to be a stealth ban on all online video games in the country. As I am writing this, it is almost impossible to play a online game from here.

Oddly enough pinging a server doesn’t show any abnormalities but when jumping into a game such as DOTA 2 it simply doesn’t connect. This is applied to all other online games as well.

Morocco isn’t the only country that has taken efforts to ban VOIP. Countries including Saudi Arabia and UAE in the Gulf Regions have also blocked VOIP applications such as Whatsapp Voice and Viber. There are a few countries such as Bahrain who don’t block those IP’s and have been praised for it by locals.

However Morocco’s case seems to be on the extreme end. Madouu hopes that by using the internet as outlet he may be able to convince the company of their wrong doing. We wish you all the luck! No one deserves to be robed of their online gaming needs.



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