Kingdom Hearts 2.8 E3 Trailer is Here

The E3 trailer of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD has arrived. While we all knew it would come with the HD version of Dream Drop Distance, the real meat comes from the two extra chapters.

First and foremost we get a good look at Aqua’s story called Fragmentary Passage. This will basically take place right after the events of Birth By Sleep where Aqua ended up in front of a mysterious castle in the land of Darkness. It seems this place used to be Daybreak Town. Also Terra appearing for a few seconds, could this be his consciousness trapped in darkness?

And finally the movie Back Cover will give us an insight look at how the Keyblade world came to fall apart. Pretty happy to see it all done using the KH 3 engine (which is based off Unreal).

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Final Prologue is expected to arrive this December on PlayStation 4.


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