Witcher 3 Devs Praise Nintendo NX Hardware

Despite the numerous rumors, we still have little to no idea what the NX would be like spec wise. Some sources claim it will be as powerful as the PS4 while others state it’s above the cut.

In a recent interview with Rocket Beans TV, CD PROJECT RED (Witcher series fame) has went on record that the NX is “fantastic” and “spectacular”. Keep in mind the interview isn’t in English.

Witcher 3 has been known to be one of the most technically beautiful games to come out the past few years. Some claim it to be the new Crysis to benchmark visuals (I tend to agree). With that said I feel the team do know what their talking about. The fact they also have it does lead us to believe that they’re working on porting some of their games, perhaps an NX version of Witcher 3?

Hopefully it won’t be long until Nintendo lifts the veils and show us what it’s new hardware is made off.


2 thoughts on “Witcher 3 Devs Praise Nintendo NX Hardware

  1. Well this is promising, for the Witcher 3 studio to come out and compliment the NX like that is very reassuring. I hope it exceeds the power of the PS4 in all honestly. With the release of the .5 consoles Nintendo needs to make sure it keep up to date, or it’ll end up getting left behind again.

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