Here’s How You Can Get Pokémon GO Outside the US

Pokémon GO, the highly anticipated augmented reality Pokémon game, has been pre-released in select countries such as the US.

Unfortunately this means a lot of us “outside folks” need to sit on the sidelines while the rest enjoy their day catching imaginary monsters. Fear not, the internet has come once again to the rescue.

Anyone who owns an Android phone can get the app directly through an APK link. Make sure that outside sources are enabled in your Android settings. After downloading simply install and enjoy. No fuss or headaches. If you an iPhone you may have to set your country to the US Appstore or have a jailbroken iPhone to download it from external sources.

Despite rumors, the game is not region locked and works fine regardless of where you live. Try exploring different terrains such as walking to beaches or parks to get different variety of Pokémon. Have fun!


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