Pokémon GO Has Become The Most Popular Mobile Game in The US

In less than a week, Pokémon GO has become phenomena. Its sheer popularity of bringing Pokémon to the real world-ish has lead people to catch, travel, battle gyms, and more importantly share their experiences.

Even in its pre-release form Pokémon GO has become the most popular Mobile game in history, at least in the US.


The stats you’re looking at are from SurveyMonkey and well, they speak for themselves. Yes, in that short amount of time Pokémon GO has managed to defeat all stars such as Candy Crush who spent years and millions in marketing to get to its current spot. Damn, son.

Furthermore the app has become increasingly more popular to the point that it could actually reach giants such Snapchat and Twitter. But it’s best not to get too excited yet. There’s still a lot to prove and if Pokémon GO hopes to achieve everlasting success Niantic would need to constantly keep pushing updates and keep the game fresh.


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