ESPN2 Gets Hate for Showing EVO

For the first time in history, ESPN 2 broadcasted the annual fighting EVO championship on live television. While many of us reveled at this achievement, other did not take it so well.

It’s hard to believe that even in the year 2016 (especially with all the Pokemon GO hype) video games aren’t taken seriously, let alone as a competitive sport. Here are some examples:






Ow, the edge. Last one seems too obvious to be real honestly.

It’s unsure at this stage if ESPN will continue this trend, but I doubt they’d stop. The overall reception was quite positive. As for the negativity I’d imagine it would subside. A lot of people are just not used to it so it’s jut going to take a bit adjusting.


8 thoughts on “ESPN2 Gets Hate for Showing EVO

  1. Mary Mabry says:

    I think it was great! Wish they would have shown mortal combat too. Just to let you know, I’m a 73 year old grandmother!! I hope it’s on next year.

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  2. Rowlent says:

    Video games aren’t a sport. Just like checkers or chess isn’t a sport. A sport requires the combination of both physical and mental. I have been gaming since I was born and even when getting highly competitive in games, I have never thought of it as a sport. Some things can be competitive without being a sport.


    • Competitive gaming requires a lot of training and practice in order to build talent, which includes both mentally and physically. Even if it’s just moving fingers, that still counts as physical as demonstrated here:

      It has also now been widely accepted as eSports. Whether you agree or not this has become the general perception which I tend to agree with.


  3. Erik says:

    Televising EVO was a good way for ESPN to test the waters on nationally broadcasting esports. From other sources I’ve read, it got a fair amount of viewers to be considered a successful broadcast. Kudos to to ESPN for expanding their horizons. It would be cool to see more of this in the future. There will probably eventually be a channel dedicated to esports in America one day as there are in other countries.

    BTW, Valentin Lionel shouldn’t be making light of bullying. It’s a serious issue.


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