Poke Radar App Shows Pokemon Location on Google Maps

The app Pokemon GO plays have been waiting for is here: Poke Radar.

Just as the title implies, users can search for and see where Pokemon reside around them. By booting up the app I was able to actually see where Charizard and others hang out.


How is this possible? Pokemons are placed determined by a certain algorithm, I mean it would be insane to think that Niantic has a deticated team who place Pokemon around the world. That’s just crazy. That app manages to more or less crack the algorithm and show us where Pokemons are located. Actually, it’s based on community sightings. So depending on where people found certain Pokemon will be updated within the app. This includes day and night as well.

I personally haven’t tested this enough but judging by various comments around the web it seems to be working for the most part.

You can download the iOS version here. An Android version is in the works as well. There is a fake one so make sure to avoid it.

It’s worth noting that this does more or less kill the charm of discovering Pokemon. But for those who have limited time I do see the value.


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