Sonic’s Facebook Teases Chao Return in New Game

A recent post by Sonic’s official Facebook account hints at the return of Chaos, the iconic virtual pets from the Sonic Adventure. Chao Gardens were considered to be one of the best features of the Adventure series, allowing players to raise a small creature by feeding, petting, and making it evolve through animals found in levels (fish would give them ability to swim for example).

The last game to feature Chao Gardens was Sonic Adventure 2 which was release more than a decade ago. With news of SEGA taking fan feedback seriously and Sonic PR community under good hands, one can hope that the upcoming Sonic game will be a return fans have been asking for.

The reveal is expected to take place at a Sonic Live Stream show this Friday during Comic Con. I made a top ten list of things I hope to see SEGA pull off from the upcoming title. Let’s hope they manage to pull off some of them.


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