Fan Made Metroid 2 Remake Arrives For Series 30th Anniversary

UPDATE: Nintendo has issued a DMCA notice. Thankfully the game is done so a few Google searches for a download link or Torrent should do the trick.


After 8 years in development the Metroid 2 Fan Remake arrives.

Metroid 2 is often referred to as the black sheep of the franchise. It was only released on the original gameboy which made navigation frustrating thanks to its smaller screen. We all hoped Nintendo would deliver a remake similar to Metroid Zero Mission (a remake of the first Metroid) but sadly it never came to be.


This is where AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) comes along which promised to remake the original Metroid 2 with sprites from the GBA Metroid games. The project was announced roughly 8 years ago and all who had hope for a release felt the project would fall into vaporware. Thankfully it came through at the nick of time by launching it on the series 30th anniversary.

I haven’t played much but I’m already warming up to the snazzy intro (which gave me a Super Metroid vibe) and remixed soundtrack. Make sure to give AM2R a go by downloading it here [refer to update].

Now if only that Mother 4 remake can get a release date.


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