No Man’s Sky and Multiplayer Woes

No Man’s Sky is out today and like most majorly hyped games these days it manages to miss the mark.

Sean Murray, the head developer behind the procedurally generated space exploration (survival?) game has been hit with lots of criticism regarding the game’s missing multiplayer feature. Initially players were on the impression that you’d be able to meet your friends and explore the galaxy together. This quickly turned from sure feature to maybe, and finally not at all.

CrowbCat, who was also known for pointing out Ubisoft graphical downgrades, has compiled yet another controversial video. In it we see various interview clips with Sean Murray clearly saying ‘Yes’ when talking about multiplayer. Whoops! To be fair the feature was probably planned at one point in developed but was dropped in favor of meeting deadlines. Or maybe it just didn’t work. Who knows?! But one thing’s for sure: fans aren’t happy.

No Man’s Sky official subreddit has been hit with a lot of displeased comments in regards with the feature missing. One player went the distance (sorry, couldn’t help it) to meet another player on the same planet in the same area. The result: nothing. PC players have taken note of this with some even refunding the game.

As for Sean? He’s definitely aware but has chosen to not highlight the topic just yet. Maybe we can expect a multiplayer patch in the not too distant future? Hopefully.

As someone who’s been following Sean on Twitter I knew for a while the game was going to have a SP only experience and so did a lot others. That being said I do feel that the game’s marketing efforts have deviated from properly telling players what No Man’s Sky actually was. This created a lot of high expectations of a universe with plot, dense worlds, and features like multiplayer which turned out not to be in the game. I’m personally still excited to play No Man’s Sky and look forward to booting it up this Friday on my PC.


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