Demon Hunter Class Made Me a WoW Believer

If you talked to me 2 years ago and told me I would be hooked on playing World of Warcraft I would have laughed (and probably cried a bit inside). Today after playing with the Demon Hunter class in the Legion BETA I have become a WoW subscriber.

Despite it being the most popular MMO out there, there’s a lot to WoW that can feel intimidating to get into. The lore for instance is massive and I’m still wrapping my head around key characters such as illidan and the Burning Legion. Most of all are the expansions, I’ve just joined WoW after 10 years of service so clearly I missed a lot. Thankfully Blizzard did a solid by making all expansions free and relatively easy to get into.


With me getting a Legion BETA invite I quickly logged in, worked on my new Demon Hunter class, and began Legion’s first quest. Right from the get go there is a clear difference in presentation. The visuals look crisp and quite honestly incredible seeing as how this is running on a 10 year old engine. The story is more dynamic with set pieces occurring followed by constant banter that keeps you hooked. This really felt like a call back to the classic Warcraft series which is definitely a good thing.

The Demon Hunter class is probably the highlight of my experience. At first I didn’t think too much of it, I am more of a warrior DPS guy (your average Joe if you will) but, seriously, this class is something else. Combos are flashy and powerful (almost like you’re playing a hack and slash game), gliding and double jumping makes traversal easier, great mix between spells and weapons—I mean really it’s basically a class Swiss army knife.

Some abilities are of course unique to the Demon Hunters. Spectral Sight, for example, is an ability which allows you to see through objects and has proven to be useful when attempting to scan an area for enemies. I’ve used this in multiple occasions to spot and mark bosses before entering a room full of mobs.

The Broken Isles serves as the area in the game’s expansion. While I have yet to experience it fully I can say that it feels more dynamic. There appears to be more events, details, and locals that make it feel less like a giant barren and more like a living place.


When it comes down to it, the Demon Hunter class has managed to break that stigma of entering an MMO. There were no struggle with controls, following objectives, or learning about stuff. From what I experienced, Legion and its new class aims to be a perfect entry point for players who have yet to stumble into the World of Warcraft.


2 thoughts on “Demon Hunter Class Made Me a WoW Believer

  1. Hmm after reading this, you made me want to try the game, I always wanted to play it but never got the chance to, and plus I thought I missed out on all the story since I never played it before.

    Seeing that you mentioned the game is free now..
    I’ll give it a try, and not to mention this Demon Hunter class looks very interesting, hopefully I’ll get to check it out while I’m at it.

    Thanks for the info!

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