5 Things To Expect at Today’s PlayStation Meeting Presentation

Sony will be hosting a special PlayStation presentation today. Naturally expectations are high as these sort of events are reserved for big reveals. For obvious reasons we will skip the PS4 Slim as that has been all but confirmed by Sony.

Without further ado here are 5 things to expect today from PlayStation nation:

5. New Game Reveals

There’s no way Sony will host such an event without at least revealing one new title. Something most likely kept in the dark from E3 specifically for this event. Many speculate that Red Dead Redemption Remaster will be that game but I’m personally hoping it’s some new IP.

4. VR

The PlayStation VR will be launching next month, so we can definitely expect to see some new VR games or peripherals we haven’t seen yet. A VR/PlayStation bundle is almost a given.

3. Something related to mobile

With Pokemon GO’s popularity and Nintendo NX being rumored to go after the mobile market, Sony will no doubt be bringing something to the table. A dedicated mobile studio? Or maybe a powerful “PlayStation Phone” powered by those crazy Tegra chips? Sony even went on record to state that they want to take mobile games more seriously because of Pokemon GO so there has to be something going on in the background.

2. PlayStation 4K (NEO) Reveal

Sony has confirmed that a PS4K is real but chose not to reveal it at E3 and instead do it at another unspecified event. This will most likely be THAT event with an emphasis on power and performance. It’s rumored to play games at 4K at 30 FPS with an average of 60 for 1080p and will retail for $400. Other features including 4K Blu-Ray and HDR will most likely be a part of the package as well. One other rumor that seems to spark interest is the ability to upgrade the hardware. I’m not really sure how that’s possible without opening the device unless they’ve managed to create some sort of modular architecture.
Finally, and possibly the biggest rumor, is that the PS4K will launch the very same week it’s announced. That would be pretty crazy if true.

1. NEO Game Comparisons

You can’t show off the NEO without pointing out the difference in quality. Therefore we can expect to see comparisons with games like Uncharted 4’s Single Player and Final Fantasy XV running with higher AA and 60 FPS. God of War 4 will likely be announced as a bundled game and the first true title developed with the NEO in mind.

BONUS: PlayStation 4 Elite Controller


While it looks pretty fake, the PS4 Elite Controller could also be real. If Sony were to announce this then it would most likely be handled by a third party.

Again these points are purely speculation and we won’t find out until later today. Details of the event can be found below.

So here’s your invite! Join us at live.playstation.com tomorrow, September 7, starting at 12:00pm Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern.


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