Beyond Good and Evil is Now Free on PC

Ubisoft’s cult classic, Beyond Good and Evil, is up for grabs on PC.

To claim it players would need only to have a Ubisoft club account and Uplay client to download it. The offer will last only for a month.

The game revolves around character a journalist named Jade who has to uncover an alien invasion conspiracy. Gameplay takes inspiration from Zelda with light platforming, puzzle solving, and exploration. It was definitely a stand out from Ubisoft’s catalog of games which at the time were mostly Prince of Persia and Tom Clancy Games. It was highly praised by fans for its narrative, characters, pacing, and memorable soundtrack. Like seriously listen to this stuff

Unfortunately it didn’t sell well mainly thanks to it launching in November (which is known to be a heavy month of AAA games). Regardless fans did enjoy it, and now with a sequel confirmed to be happening (for real this time) it would be a perfect opportunity for new comers to see what the fuss was about.


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