How to Use Summons in Final Fantasy XV

Summons are back in Final Fantasy XV and they’re bigger than ever. Of course the question remains how do you use them?

The first thing you’ll need to do is obviously unlock them. Each summon or ‘Astral’ as they’re referred to here has to come in contact with Noctis. This all happens during the main plot. After obtaining them, you will need to summon them based on certain conditions. The reason why is because the Astrals are ridiculously over powered and should be used if things get too dicey.

TITAN: When an ally is incapacitated.
RAMUH: When the battle has gone on for a long time.
LEVIATHAN: When Noctis is in the “danger” state.
SHIVA: When all other Astral summoning conditions are applicable.

And there you have it. The summon doesn’t always appear but be sure to have that L2/LT button ready the moment you start seeing particles and the music shifting.


7 thoughts on “How to Use Summons in Final Fantasy XV

  1. See, I keep hitting the L-Trigger when it prompts me, and NOTHING happens. I’ve hit it multiple-times, held it, flicked it, etc. No dice. And yes, I only do it when it prompts me to.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Its the bullshit summon system ever. You should be able to summon at whim like any other FF game. Straight on some money grabbing bullshit. An enitre game without summons is the lamest shit i have ever experienced. They need to do a patch and allow you to summon at whim i have actually considered turning in FF15 because its relatively stupid. Game play is fun-ish. But over all this game has a shit magic system and a worse summon system so im really not feeling this game at all.


  3. Anonymous says:

    The game is BUGGED. square has confirmed it. If it says L2 the Simmons should be INSTANT. that’s how it worked in the JAP version which was release before. my best friend got the jap version b4 the us release date (he’s fluent in Japanese)

    9 out of 10 times hold l2 does NOTHING when prompted. The battle wait comes up and kills it. So I tried it with combat wait OFF. then summoning worked 5 out of 10 times.

    And NO you aren’t supposed to HOLD L2. once the prompt is there l2=INSTANT SUMMONS

    Look for this To be fixed in the next patch.. in the meantime, just play the game without them. Over level your quests so battles aren’t too hard.


    • Not sure about wait mode (since I don’t use that) but every time it prompted me I just held the button down. It takes a while to trigger (sometimes up to 10 seconds). Out of the 7 or so times I summoned it never failed me.


    • Themostunclean says:

      Then why does it say HOLD L2 on screen when the summon is ready??!!! It is NOT supposed to be instant, if you’d actually pay attention you’d know that.

      And no, the Jap version is not different and did not come out earlier. Square made a huge deal about FFXV having a simultaneous WORLDWIDE release. The only thing Japan got was an extra demo so your friend is either lying to you or your lying to us. Maybe one of you should do your research before trying to spew BS.

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