Free-To-Play Final Fantasy Title Arrives on Steam Today

Mobius Final Fantasy, a free-to-play mobile game, has arrived on Steam today. Players will take control of a Wol, a warrior with amnesia who must fight to survive the world he currently wanders. The game was developed by legendary veterans from Square including Yoshinori Kitase who directed Final Fantasy 7.


The visuals in Mobius were a sight to behold on a mobile phone and now with it being on PC it will offer its full potential which includes 4K, 60 FPS, and higher textures.

* Widescreen Resolution
A new widescreen full HD 1920×1080 resolution available only on the PC.
Take in the sights of Palamecia as you venture throughout its lands, with a wide field of view unobstructed by UI elements.

* 4K Visuals
MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY is also compatible with 4K resolution.
You’ll be awed by the level of detail modeled in the game, from the intricate textures of metallic armor to the wisps of clouds up high in the sky.

* Quality of Life Improvements
Unbound from the limits of smartphones–no more stressing over battery life or storage space!

One drawback seems to be related to how the game downloads updates in-game meaning that, similar to the mobile port, players will need to launch the game and wait while it continues to download assets. Regardless it’s free-to-play and as someone who played the mobile port I highly recommend check it out.


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