Final Fantasy XV’s Long Awaited 60 FPS Pro Patch is a Disappointment

If you’ve been waiting for the 60 FPS patch to play Final Fantasy XV, well I got bad news for you.

Digital Foundry (the go-to guys for analysing video games from technical level) have released a new video breaking down the latest FF XV patch. Aside from including neat features such as timed quests, Pro owners were looking forward to experiencing it at 60 FPS glory. Sadly DF’s analysis proves otherwise as the performance could barely reach 50.

Making matters worse is the removal of having to keep a locked 30 FPS. Previously the game’s lite mode offered the game to run 1080p with a consistent 30 FPS as opposed to the high mode’s janky frame pacing. The lite mode now just unlocks the framerate leaving Pro owners with possibly the worst version of the game yet.

Of course some don’t mind the unlocked framerate. Personally I’m mixed about it as KH 0.2 suffered the same fate. Hopefully Square would release an update rather improving the performance or at the very least give the option to play the game at a locked 30 on lite mode. Geez, consoles have become so complicated…


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