Mass Effect 1 Has Distinctively Better Animations Than Andromeda

Andromeda is the first entry in the Mass Effect series since 2012. To say that fans are excited would be understatement. But sadly it seems early previews have not been so kind. Various issues seem to pop up from lousy AI to bland writing.

While these may be subjective one thing I can’t shake off is the game’s baffling low budget animation. YouTuber xLetalis not only highlights this issue but compares to Mass Effect 1 which looks strikingly better.

The bland almost dead facial expressions are a huge step back to what was done better 10 years ago. There’s no emotion, no character, and no life. BioWare recently boasted how Andromeda has more dialogue than 2 and 3 combined so could that explain the compromise in quality?  Fans are naturally not happy about this and have gone far enough to cancel their pre-orders. Others are ignoring the issue stating that it will be patched by launch–which is impossible considering how much work  would need to put in.

One thing’s for sure: Mass Effect Andromeda has went from must have to wait and see.


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