60 FPS Breath of The Wild Patch Released (CEMU)

Developer Xalphenos has been hard at work getting Breath of The Wild to run at 60 FPS on the popular Wii U emulator, CEMU. After weeks of teasing today players will finally be able to experience it for themselves.

The Dynamic Speed patch is a graphical plugin that works as a sort of cheat that speeds up the game while making it playable. Considering the Wii U version sits somewhere between 20-30 FPS, this is a BIG improvement.

A similar technique was also used to make Mario Sunshine play 60 FPS on Dolphin.

Furthermore, the patch includes several experimental features that players can try out and report back. Of course this patch is still in infancy so you will run into issues here and there but it will no doubt receive multiple updates due to fan demand.

If you’re interested in giving this go, you can download the patch here.


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