Is Doom 4’s Hate Justified?

Over the weekend gamers and fans alike have expressed their rage over Doom 4’s open BETA. most of the complaints seem to stem from it being too similar to COD or Halo, but is this true? Is this hate justified?

As a Doom and FPS veteran, I give my opinion on the matter and try to identify where this rage is coming from.


4 thoughts on “Is Doom 4’s Hate Justified?

  1. Nahunfortunate says:

    Can any of these developers release a FPS game that doesn’t feel like a reflection of the current trends in the industry? Its getting really boring. You can say it plays nothing like COD or Halo, but you are only analyzing it on the surface level. Doom was never a game with load outs and 2 weapon limit. I have played about 10 games of the beta and its fine. But its not worth buying except for the campaign and the multiplayer will be DOA if you are expecting a strong community population. The game just feels like it tried to bite off what other games are doing. Apparently developers are afraid to release a game that feels unique and keeps its own identity. By the way, nice Halo armor in Doom. Carbon copy.

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    • DevilBlackDeath says:

      Nice carbon copy except Halo’s armor was a carbon copy of Dommguy’s armor, just modernized, but hey nice try… The hate isn’t justified. Have you played any Doom or Doom 3 MP lately? It feels like a modernized Doom MP and a MP far better than Doom 3 one that is praised by almost every hater. Doom 3 was slow, had no technical movements at all, and weapon spawn control felt awkward and random as hell.


      • Exactly! Doom 3 felt more like a FPS horror game. All this is just not making sense to me. Maybe gamers these days have ridiculously high expectations? It’s often rare to see them satisfied.


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