PlayStation 4 Can Already Do 4K Playback

UPDATE: Giantbomb have just revealed more info on the upcoming PS4 model. They have confirmed it will in fact feature more robust CPU and GPU components. 

There is a general misconception going around the internet that the upcoming (and inevitable) PlayStation 4K will merely be an upgrade to allow 4K media playing and carry the same GPU specs. That would be cool except the PS4 can already do that.

Back when PS4 was first announced questions arose whether games will output to 4K. Sony’s PlayStation Shuhei Yoshida responded with the following statement to IGN:

The PS4 supports 4K output, but only for photos and videos; not games. PS4 games do not work on 4K.

So there you have it. Also the fact that Sony is keeping mum on the rumors of an upgraded PlayStation 4 with stronger GPU capabilities pretty much guarantees that we WILL be getting an upgraded version sometime this year.

8 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 Can Already Do 4K Playback

  1. Drazius says:

    Yes for streaming but the theory is the ps4k will add the new UHD reading drive that are starting to be sold for UHD blurays.


    • Maybe but I doubt Sony would go the extra mile to promote a new video game console just for that little feature. 4K can be streamed or downloaded as an alternative. Also the fact that Sony isn’t denying the rumors of a more powerful PS4 ads weight to its credibility.


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