Sonic To Have Strong Presence at E3

Last year SEGA has been MIA at E3. This year they’re coming back and bringing their blue mascot center stage.

According to the latest issue of Global License (via Sonic Stadium) SEGA is planning an E3 event to commemorate Sonic’s 25th anniversary.

SEGA has a lineup of events planned for the Beloved Blur Blur’s anniversary that started with a Twitch panel at SXSW and will be followed by events at PAX, E3, San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic-Con and a 25th anniversary party at the House of Blues in San Diego.

While the games mentioned were Sonic Boom Fire and Ice and Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, that’s not to say we won’t see anything new announced. We already know there is a Sonic LEGO Dimensions pack coming and hints were dropped by Gioeli from Crush40 (Sonic’s go to band) that there will be an anniversary game. But I’m willing to believe that maybe, just maybe, we’ll get a Sonic Adventure 3 announcement. Fingers crossed!


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