Titanfall 2 is Coming This August, Courtesy of Snickers

MENA retailer Meplay.com have let slip the release date of Titanfall 2: 30 August, 2016.

Now many of you will assume that this is far-fetched. Why would Titanfall 2 come so soon? And yes, it would seem odd. However I wouldn’t doubt it completely. Let’s not forget last year Bethesda dropped a bombshell by announcing Fallout 4’s release date mere months after its announcement at E3.


Image snapshot from This Gen Gaming

MEPlay is also a well established retailer which receives updates straight from publishers (similar to Gamestop in the US). There’s very little reason for them to place a fake release date and again it being pulled from the site adds an extra layer of authenticity.

E3 is mere weeks away so let’s wait and see if EA’s will be dropping Titanfall 2 this August.


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