Halo Coming to PC Means I No Longer Need an Xbox

With news and reports of the Halo franchise finally embracing PC, I have realized that I no longer need an Xbox.


I currently own all major systems, including PC of course and out of all them my Xbox is the one that gets the least attention. First of all, to its credit, Xbox has been doing its best with its exclusives with diverse games such as Sunset Overdrive or even Ryse (I actually liked it!). But for a while it’s just been sitting there collecting dust with only occasionally being switched on for Halo. That’s about to change.

Halo has been for a while, the main reason for getting an Xbox. I never really got into Fable, and the Gears of War hype for me ended with 3. I went into the Xbox One knowing that the trend may follow with the 360’s library of exclusives. New IP’s similar to Gears and the unappreciated Lost Odyssey were games I was thinking about. Sadly none of the exclusives stuck, and others such as Quantum Break were mediocre and forgettable.

The gaming landscape was also changing: PC was getting big. Console exclusives such as Final Fantasy X and Valkyrie Chronicles were making their headway on Steam. Piracy, while still there, was slowly dwindling and the value of DRM services such Steam sky rocketed. PC was more or less leading the industry and one way or another I had to be a part of it.


Halo 5’s forge system on PC will be easier with a mouse and keyboard.

Another element that’s driving me towards Halo on PC are servers. While nothing has been confirmed yet we may finally get a server browser for something like the Halo Master Chief Collection. This brims me with joy as the current Matchmaking Service is still buggy and takes a while to find matches. Communities will also expand as more players will be able join and share their favorite Halo game. Just thinking about this is giving me jitters as I type it on the keyboard.

And of course, with PC comes the kinks of using a higher refresh rate monitor and mouse and keyboard support. My aiming were never really great when it came to using an analog stick and has always been vastly superior with a mouse.

But out of all the reasons I could give the biggest has to be the exclusion of Xbox Live. No longer would I have to pay $60 for a service that I honestly no longer use other than Halo. All my friends have moved on to PS4 or PC, I literally play with no one anymore on my Xbox One. It may be appear to be a small fee annually but in the end it’s $60, which can save or use to buy another game.

Again, I’m not saying that Xbox is a worthless piece of trash. I truly think that until now PC gamers and Xbox gamers are kind of in their own league. One prefers the Xbox Live service with friends and ease of use of a console while others, like me, have switched to a more broader system that’s a bit technical (or manual as I like to call it). Friends is also another issue with most of them never getting an Xbox One and just sticking to their PC instead.

It’s no secret that lots of Xbox fans will be distraught at this news, but why? In the end Halo is still coming on Xbox and if anything this expands the fanbase. That’s good news from my point of view.


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