New Evidence of a Sonic Game Announcement on July 22

While everyone is getting excited over E3, us Sonic fans are in a bit of a flux. Will we see a new Sonic game? Will it be Boom again? Sonic Generations 2? Or will SEGA finally get the idea that we want a Sonic Adventure 3? One thing’s for sure, a new Sonic game is definitely getting announced soon.

A fan recently jokingly Tweeted on how many chilli dogs it would take to get a new Sonic game announcement. Here’s what the official Twitter Sonic had to say.

Now why July 22nd? If you all recall it will be the date of the official Sonic 25th anniversary. Aaron Weber, who secretly manages the Sonic Twitter (you didn’t hear this from us), also hinted during 25th anniversary live stream that a new Sonic title might be announced at this event. Also, the artist Madeon has verified (in a strange way) that he will be composing the sound track of said Sonic game.

With recent improvement in Sonic PR and communications one can hope that SEGA are listening to fans this time around in delivering a high quality Sonic game experience, for once.


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